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The Lion, the Witch, and the B Corp


Hello, Sea Witches! It's your social media contact Peach here to wish you a very happy Alesia's birthday (!!!) and to bring you an exclusive interview with the Sea Witch herself. Our founder and master crafter turns 33 on August 1st, and this weekend we're celebrating by giving YOU presents! Three of them! Go on, count 'em!

Founder's Birthday Weekend Specials

  1. All of Alesia's personal favorite products are 20% off until Sunday at midnight! Use code "HAPPYBIRTHDAYALESIA" at checkout!

  2. Our Instagram giveaway this week is THE WHOLE INCENSE GIFT SET! And all you have to do to enter is type "Happy birthday, Alesia!" and tag a friend in the comments. (Enter as many times as you want!)

  3. We're planting a tree in the Amazon for every $10 in sales this weekend! Which means even if you buy just one box of incense, a tree gets planted because of YOU! 

Okay, so that last one is really more of a present for everyone on Earth. But that's what Alesia wanted for her birthday - for there to be more trees. Here's why.

So, definitely buy yourself something nice this weekend! But first, keep scrolling and read the interview below to learn how our leading Leo feels about her birth chart, get her take on magic and witchcraft, and find out what she keeps in her garden.

Alesia the pink-haired master crafter looks off to the right from behind tree branch, holding the edge of a lace fabric that obscures the corner of the frame. photo by Madeleine Ingridsdotter

PEACH: Happy birthday, Alesia!

ALESIA: Thank you!

PEACH: Do you like celebrating your birthday or do you hate that I'm doing this to you right now?

ALESIA: Ha! I've never been big into my birthdays, but I've been appreciating them more as I get older and realize what a privilege it is to keep having them.

PEACH: Totally. Getting older is awesome!

ALESIA: I love that I have shed all fear of becoming the crone and now I look forward to it. 

PEACH: Yes! That's beautiful! So birthdays aside, how does Leo season treat you? Are you in your element this time of year? 

ALESIA: Do you mean like, am I extra Leo? Hah, no, I kind of feel like Leo season tends to bring out the imposter syndrome more than the Leo traits.

PEACH: Do you usually feel like a Leo?

ALESIA: Not really, no. 

PEACH: In what ways are you Leo-ish or un-Leo-ish?

ALESIA: Well, I definitely ended up in a leadership role in life, so there's that. But I've never felt particularly brave or outgoing or extroverted. 

PEACH: I'd say you're passionate, though.


A wind-blown, pink-haired woman on a beach rests her arm on a tree branch, reaching toward the camera. Her fingers are blackened with charcoal. photo by Madeleine (Peach) Ingridsdotter
A triptych of the pink-haired Sea Witch founder with blackened charcoal fingers and gold flakes.

ALESIA: I'll give you that one.

PEACH: And then there's the hair.

ALESIA: It's a mane for sure.

PEACH: What’s your moon and rising?

ALESIA: Oh god, I don't know. Don't tell them that, I should know that. I'm a fraud!!

PEACH: Your job is alchemy, not astrology. I'm looking them up for you. *googling*  

PEACH: Okay, your moon is in Aries and your ascendant is Aquarius. So your emotional life is also ruled by a fire sign, which sounds about right, but your rising sign - what you present to the world - is ruled by like, the most eccentric of air signs. Aquarius is the unconventional, intellectual non-conformist. Does that resonate with you?

ALESIA: Wow, yes, very much.

PEACH: I'm gonna go ahead and mention here that your first dream job was 'mortician'. You were seven. 

ALESIA: Yeah... I never did get my statement hearse.

A witch witch fingers black from charcoal and covered in gold flakes holds a large beach rock. photo by Madeleine (Peach) Ingridsdotter

PEACH: What are your goals for Sea Witch Botanicals?

ALESIA: To set a new standard of transparency and authenticity for cosmetics and home and body products. It is ridiculous and unethical that colorants and fragrances can be excluded from ingredient lists because they are considered "trade secrets". So many of us are dangerously sensitive to those "trade secret" ingredients, and even those who don't feel sick can suffer long-term effects from hormone-disrupting phthalates and parabens. I would love to help normalize living free of synthetic fragrances and make that lifestyle accessible.

PEACH: What do you think it means to be a Sea Witch?

ALESIA: Hmm. ...A Sea Witch is someone who recognizes that everything is cyclical and interconnected. Sea Witches are curious because they are aware, and engaged because they're thankful to be present. They're the ones whose empathy will drive their actions. Sea Witches see what the planet provides for us, and they make choices to protect it.

PEACH: What do you think magic is?

ALESIA: Feminism.

PEACH: Nice. Okay, more fun questions. What plants will you always keep in your home garden? Your must-haves?

ALESIA: Ah, okay, rosemary, lavender, bay, elder... mint... darlingtonias and passionflower.

PEACH: What are you listening to in your headphones while you're making things?

ALESIA: Podcasts! I love educational stuff, "Stuff You Should Know", "Stuff You Missed In History Class"... "Being" is a really good one that's just a journalist interviewing people. Oh! Invoking Witchcraft, and Ologies.

A woman with pink hair climbs along a horizontal tree over a rocky beach. photo by Madeleine (Peach) Ingridsdotter
Triptych of pink-haired Sea Witch founder on a rocky beach, climbing on seaweed covered trees, holding a bottle of moonwater. photo by Madeleine (Peach) Ingridsdotter

PEACH: What's Ripley up to lately?

ALESIA: Learning to ride a bike! Where did the time goooo? And she's starting SCHOOL, too. She loves our fish tanks, and helping out with water changes and water tests. She spends a lot of time coloring, frolicking, and singing frozen songs.

PEACH: She is the coolest kid.


PEACH: Is there anything else you want your customers to know?

ALESIA: How much I care!!! How hard I work to make sure this company is a safe space in every possible way for all of my employees, all my customers, and the planet we share.

PEACH: And if ya don't know, now ya know! Okay, easier question: What are you going to do for your birthday?

ALESIA: Ah, probably work, but I shouldn't say, that, don't say that. Um, I would like to find a tranquil slice of forest to be quiet in with my family.

PEACH: That sounds perfect. Okay, last question. Any words of wisdom to impart?

ALESIA: Definitely check out the Leo Season blog! Keep the channel open. ;) 

Sea Witch Botanicals founder Alesia Hall dances barefoot in the muddy low tide and high wind on the Pacific coast. She has pink hair and a mustard yellow dress. all photos by Madeleine (Peach) Ingridsdotter

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Shannon Faye
Shannon Faye

Sea Witches are …. “the ones whose empathy will drive their actions.” I’m borrowing this because it speaks my truth – thank you for the insight!

What a great interview. I always love your writings…keep ’em coming!

Julie Fish
Julie Fish

Happy birthday, Alesia! We love you! 🦁🧡

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