You mention fragrance oils a lot, why don't you use fragrance oils?
At the core of our company, we are environmentalists. It is our goal to reduce waste and plastic use as much as possible. The most insidious ingredients in most household products are fragrance oils; petroleum-based molecular cocktails that cannot be processed by your metabolism, don't easily break down under organic circumstances, and have their safety tested by the companies who produce them (not by unbiased third parties). 
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Are all of your products vegan?
Yes, all of our products are vegan AND all-natural. Soaps, candles, balms, and other products really don't need to use animal byproducts, so why should we support those companies who use animal-based lards and oils? Furthermore, not all vegan products are all-natural, as many companies use cheap plastic polymers in lieu of real organic ingredients. 

Do you use exclusively USDA Organic ingredients?
We do not exclusively use USDA Organic certified ingredients due to a number of reasons. Our primary goal is to offer all-natural alternatives to plastic-based ingredients. Many ingredients we source follow organic practices, but are not able to afford certification in the US. We source organic ingredients when absolutely necessary (rice oil, cocoa butter, etc.) and will continue to expand as it becomes possible to do so and keep our products affordable. 

Why do you use palm oil?
We only source from palm oil that's certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. We believe in rewarding sustainable practices rather than allowing only slash'n'burn practices to thrive. In our personal lives, we avoid products with palm oil unless specifically called out as RSPO certified

You used to have "non-gmo" and "organic" claims on your labels. What changed?
Some of our retail partners started requiring more robust certifications, such as by the Non-GMO Project, to note any ingredients as non-GMO. Due to the cost of certification, we decided to remove these claims until we can progress through the due-process of certification. We still use the same high-quality ingredients as we did before, and continue to source more USDA Organic, fairtrade, and non-GMO materials!