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Synthetic Fragrance Assessment

Join us in the fight against synthetic fragrances.


Check the ingredients lists of the products in your home and make a note of how many of them have words like perfume, parfum, or fragrance listed.

  • If there aren’t any ingredients listed, that’s a bad sign! Count it as a fragranced product.
  • Be sure to check products even if they use words like “natural” or “unscented.” Lots of times masking fragrances still make their way into unscented products
  • Keep a tally as you go so you can assess where you might need help finding alternatives.

Personal Care

  • Body products (bodywash, bar soap, lotion, shaving creams, body sprays, perfumes, etc.)
  • Face products (face wash, masks, toners, scrubs, peels, etc.)
  • Hair products (shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, pomade, gel, etc.)
  • Make-up (mascara, foundation, etc.)
  • Feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads, etc.)
  • Baby care products (wipes, shampoos, soaps, etc.)
  • Toilet and facial tissues

Household Cleaning

  • Cleaning products for each part of the house (bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, carpet & floor cleaners, etc.)
  • Dish soaps and detergents
  • Laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, stain removers
  • Freshening products (air fresheners, candles, linen sprays, incense, etc.)
  • Garbage bags

So... How’d you do?

0-3 products: Fragrance Fighter

You’ve probably been avoiding fragrances on purpose-- and you’re doing a great job!

4-7 products: Just a Dab Behind the Ears

You may avoid fragrance in certain products, but haven’t quite found the right alternatives in other areas of your life. Don’t worry: We can help you out!

8+ products: Drenched in Scent

Oops! You and your family are regularly exposed to lots of synthetic fragrances, and there’s a good chance they’re negatively impact your health in addition to negatively affecting the environment. Never fear: We can help you trim down your use.

Head on back to the email you received for ideas on how to trim down your use of synthetic fragrances right now. You’ll also find a discount code for your next Sea Witch Botanicals order-- our products are always free of synthetics.