Thank You for 82 Metric Tons of Oxygen!-Sea Witch Botanicals

Thank You for 82 Metric Tons of Oxygen!

Thank you for helping to make our founder’s birthday wishes come true! 

Last weekend was our master crafter’s birthday, and what she wanted most was to help heal this hurting planet. So last Friday, Alesia put all her favorite things on sale, closed her eyes, blew out 33 candles, and wished for more trees. And this weekend, we get to report that you helped us fund the planting of SEVEN HUNDRED TREES! Thank you!!

A lush, humid rainforest - photo by Vlad Hilitanu

The funds you helped us raise will go to plant trees in the Amazon rainforest, where fire and deforestation have so ravaged the land that it is now emitting more C02 than it can absorb by more than a billion tonnes per year.

“We have a very negative loop that makes the forest more susceptible to uncontrolled fires,” the Guardian reports. With fewer trees there is less rain and higher temperatures, which makes the dry season worse for the remaining forest. 

That’s why the Amazon is one of the places One Tree Planted has established partnerships for restoration! Their tree planting project there intends to help protect the Amazon’s biodiverse primary forests, restore degraded land and conserve habitat for threatened wildlife, and provide training and assistance in sustainable agroforestry for local people.  

The coast of the Amazon river, dense with rainforest. photo by Dave Hoefler

Our seven hundred trees will produce an average 260 lbs of oxygen and absorb about 48 lbs of C02 per year, once mature. That means our donation represents an annual 182,000 lbs of oxygen added and 33,600 lbs of carbon dioxide absorbed! That’s 82 metric tons of oxygen, and -15 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 

So thank you again all for your orders over Alesia’s birthday weekend. Thank you 82 metric TONS!

Sea Witch Botanicals' founder's birthday weekend donation results over a backdrop of the Amazon rainforest.

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