Our Certifications

1% for the planet
Handmade in Washington state

Our Impact on Planet

Tending to the health of our planet has always been the core tenet of our business. It is our mission to keep the world’s water healthy by providing natural home and body products that are good for you, and good for the environment.

We chose the emblem of the Sea Witch to represent our commitment to keeping our waterways clean and free from harmful toxins. Synthetic fragrance oils, preservatives, carcinogens, and other irritants lurk within most mainstream personal care and cleaning products. Not only are these chemicals directly linked to myriad hazards in human health, when floating downstream they can cause further disruption to marine ecosystems already under threat from rapid climate change.

We are also passionate about bridging the gap that’s grown between humanity and our sense of connection to the Earth. We are not apart from nature, as many have come to believe; rather, we are intrinsically connected to the web of life that awaits just outside our doorstep. By pairing our Earth-made products with education on sustainability and enthusiasm for the outdoors, we hope to inspire our communities to reconnect with nature in their own lives. 

Our Impact on People

Under a practice of intersectional environmentalism, a term coined by writer and activist Leah Thomas, we understand that we cannot affect environmental change without uplifting the voices and struggles of people; the two are inextricably linked. Especially considering those bearing the brunt of rapid climate change are those least responsible for it, we do our best to make conscientious choices as a business to support equitable systems of production while bringing awareness to issues of environmental racism and other cases of systemic injustice

Moreover, we are dedicated to creating and providing home and body products with natural ingredients that sustain healthy bodies, rather than threaten them. Our production process is straightforward and science-based. You don’t need toxic fragrance oils, synthetic musks, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), or other synthetic “nasties” (which are often derived from petroleum or coal tar) to craft an exceptional batch of incense, perfume, dish soap, or deodorant. Earth-made bodies deserve Earth-made care.

Our Impact on Profit

While we are bound by the same constraints as other businesses, it is not our goal to grow endlessly. We believe we can do more for people and planet as a business rather than simply as individuals with good intentions. Even as we make decisions with commercial considerations in mind, we strive toward prosperity primarily so that we can use our profits for the good of the Earth, which nurtures our communities in return.

As a certified B-Corp and 1% for the Planet member, it is our responsibility to donate a meaningful portion of our revenue to environmental and social causes. We also conduct annual fundraisers in observance of important occasions such as Green Friday, Juneteenth, Indigenous People’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Awareness Day, and more. (Click here to view a full report on our beneficiaries in 2023.)

Operating an ethical business in the throes of a highly exploitative and exclusionary economic system can be challenging. Despite our best efforts, we have made and will continue to make mistakes. That said, we are always moving toward being better while running as mindful of a business as we can.

We support causes like:

    • Whatcom Million Trees Project
    • Conservation Northwest
    • RE Sources
    • Earthjustice
    • Environmental Working Group
    • One Tree Planted
    • Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood
    • WomenSpirit Coalition
    • NAACP
    • Transgender Law Center
    • RAVEN Trust
    • Trevor Project
    • Black Lives Matter Global Network
    • Lydia Place
    • Blue Skies for Children
    • Know Your Rights Camp
    • Ffungi
    • Indigenous Environmental Network

Thank you for hearing what we're about, and supporting the efforts of small, mission-driven businesses like ours.

It truly means the world.