Radiant Pearl Facial Bar-Facial Care-Sea Witch Botanicals-Sea Witch BotanicalsRadiant Pearl Facial Bar-Facial Care-Sea Witch Botanicals-Sea Witch Botanicals
Gentle Everyday Clean
Body Soap: Macabre Set-Body Soap-Sea Witch Botanicals-Sea Witch Botanicals
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A collection of adorable kittens! These four designs are included in our vegan, organic, all-natural body soap.
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Nautical print soap collection from Sea Witch Botanicals
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These eco-friendly products are great gifts for the conscientious consumer. This collection has products with minimal packaging or entirely plastic-free*. People love these products because it takes the guess work out of shopping for ethically-produced home and body products. 


We donate at least 1% of our total revenue to environmental charities. Feel good about your purchase knowing that we won't ship out packages in plastic mailers - no, we use compostable mailers - even the tape is compostable!


*Note: Some inks have polymers, much like you would find in a newspaper, book, or other toner. The print soap designs are all produced with plant-based toner on rice paper. 

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