We're a team of passionate individuals guided in the pursuit to offer high quality home & body care that is good for you, and the world waterways. When we see our brand highlighted in the media, we all rejoice! Interested in collaborating with us? We're happy to talk- email info@seawitchbotanicals.com to get the tides rolling.

As Featured In...

Each of these acknowledgements is an honor. Here is a running list of mentions in articles & blogs, along with other accolades we take pride in holding. 

2018 Heart of Seattle Awards Finalist

Issuer: Chinook Book
Topic: Heart of Seattle is organized by Chinook Book, a company whose goal is to work with local businesses to provide coupons and new experiences to customers. The Heart of Seattle Award seeks to promote businesses who focus on sustainability. We were honored to be a finalist in the Locally Made category!


Toward Zero Waste Case Study

Issuer: Sustainable Connections

Topic: Companies with the certification of "Towards Zero Waste" show a dedication to a declining trend in the use of landfill-destined consumables. TZW companies choose to recycle, compost, and reuse any ingredients, packaging, and waste. We were honored to have this case study created by Mark Peterson, Smart Business Manager at Sustainable Connections, showing we divert over 90% of our waste, as a result of our waste audit with them.


Sea Witch Botanicals: Soaps Review

Issuer: The Redolent Mermaid
Topic: Blogger, Julie, is the Redolent Mermaid and she blogs on, "all things smelly, tasty, crafty, quilty, and pretty." We were honored to have her review our Artisan Soaps and happy that she dug, "the rustic and organic styling of these soaps." Photo courtesy of Julie.


Nature Misses You: Consuming Sustainability with Sea Witch Botanicals

Issuer: Author Joy Wiggins, Whatcom Talk
Topic: Bellingham local, Joy Wiggins, is a champion of advocating for women and in this article she highlights our primarily women-led team that is making strides in sustainability. Thanks for the feature, friend!

      sustainable jungle        

10 Zero Waste Dish Soap Options to Keep Your Plates & the Planet Clean

Issuer: Sustainable Jungle
Topic: A blog centered around, "tips, trick and hacks to living a more sustainable life"? Yes, please! Our Canary Clean kitchen cleaner earned a spot on their top 10 zero-waste dish soaps and we couldn't be more proud!

18 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home

Issuer: Going Zero Waste
Topic: One of the pioneers of the going zero waste movement, Kathyrn Kellogg, offers readers helpful content with tangible ways they can live more intentionally. Our Canary Clean kitchen cleaner was listed in her guide to celebrating Earth Day 2020 at home! Choosing a solid, bar cleaner is an easy zero-waste kitchen staple and we're proud to have our bar featured.



We Interviewed the Owner of Sea Witch Botanicals

Issuer: The Indie Mood
Topic: We had the pleasure of our Founder & Master Crafter, Alesia, being interviewed by Liv & Guilia, the two women behind the Indie Mood blog. The Indie Mood highlights small businesses with an emphasis on female entrepreneurship and sustainability. This interview was so much fun!