Meet The Sea Witches

Sea Witch Botanicals is a small family business in Bellingham, Washington. We started this company to make a positive impact on the health of people and the environment through education, outreach, and offering high-quality all-natural alternatives to home and body products that are typically lousy with synthetic fragrances, methylparabens, and other nasties.

We seek to offer natural and ethical alternatives to the home and body products on the market today. We source fair trade ingredients where necessary and opt for non-GMO and organic ingredients as needed. Our products are crafted using purchased green energy; wind, solar, and other sustainable energy alternatives. We even took it upon ourselves to install solar panels on our home! We continue to give to charities, clean up our parks, and fight the good fight.

Your advocacy directly impacts our lives and the communities we support. Feel free to reach out with any questions and come visit us in person at the shows we attend.


The Founders

Alesia, Master Crafter

Certified aromatherapist Alesia is the founder & master crafter here at Sea Witch Botanicals, whipping up intoxicating scents and creating the highest quality home & body products you can find.

Zodiac: Leo

Favorite Product: Soothing Facial Toner

Favorite Sustainability Hack: Compost at home if you can, it’s great for your garden and gives you a great sense of what food waste you produce.

Other Loves: Mediation, hiking, playing with my daughter, gardening, looking for beach glass, reading, spell crafting.

Jhustin, Head of Marketing

Co-founder and digital marketing expert Jhustin brings his analytical and design skills to the team. He does everything from label design to web development, and manages the marketing team.

Zodiac: Cancer

Favorite Product: Midnight Wood Nymph 

Favorite Sustainability Hack: Buy less stuff!

Other Loves: Playing video games, hanging out with my daughter, working into the wee hours of the night, and creating spreadsheets.

The Crew

Marian, Lab Mama

Marian is a volunteer, lab mom, and passionate Sea Witch who simply enjoys being in the lab with the crew!

Zodiac: Gemini

Favorite Product: My favorite product is the facial collection. The facial toner is my absolute favorite, I love to store it in the fridge in the summer for a cool refreshing mist.

Favorite Sustainability Hack: I always wash my recycling before putting it in the recycling. Did you know if recycling is dirty from food waste, it contaminates the recycling stream and gets thrown in landfill!

Other Loves: Spending time with my granddaughter Ripley. I also enjoy trying new recipes, or making a solid classic like cinnamon rolls.

Carmen, Production Assistant

Carmen works in the lab crafting soaps, making lip balms, pouring candles, and mixing up bath salts with love.

Zodiac: Gemini

Favorite Product: Frith

Favorite Sustainability Hack: Shopping local is my jam!

Other Loves: Gardening, hiking, finding any water to soak in that I can.

Marina, Project Manager

Marina oversees projects all the way from development to final product.

Zodiac: Leo

Favorite Product: White Lodge Veil & Mint to Be lip balm

Favorite Sustainability Hack: take your own tupperware to restaurants for leftovers.

Other Loves: I really enjoy hiking all the amazing trails we have with my dog, beach combing, and cold water swimming. I frequent the antique stores quite often, read, cook, kayak, and love plant shopping.

Austin, Lab Acolyte

Austin works in the lab helping with whatever needs to be done, whether it's packing incense, labeling bottles, or even writing content!

Zodiac: Aries

Favorite Product: Mint To Be lip balm

Favorite Sustainability Hack: Reusable veggie bags - the best way to elevate your grocery game.

Other Loves: Reading, reading, and reading.

Siobhan, Incense Packer

Siobhan works in the Sea Witch lab packing incense, labeling jars, and doing a little bit of a lot of other stuff :)

Zodiac: Scorpio

Favorite Product: Fae Ring solid perfume ✨

Favorite Sustainability Hack: Arts and crafts! Any recyclable materials can be transformed into a diorama, a birthday gift, a beautiful painting or sculpture, anything you want ! Stretch your imagination muscles 💪🏻

Other Loves: Reading, playing video games, lying in the grass, and climbing trees!!

Amèlie, Incense Packer

Amèlie also works in the Sea Witch lab packing our most popular product - incense.

Zodiac: Capricorn

Favorite Product: Hummingbird incense and Mulberry lip & cheek tint

Other Loves: Snowboarding, painting, baking, hiking and road tripping in my truck.

Dezi, Packaging

One of our newest Sea Witches, Dezi helps to package up all your favorite goodies!

Zodiac: Capricorn

Favorite Product: Lucidum Facial Serum

Favorite Sustainability Hack: Think about how reusable a product's packaging is before buying. I do this a lot with glass jars and decorative paper.

Other Loves: Reading, journaling, and taking solo hikes

Hannah, Packaging Assistant

Hannah is part of our packaging crew and helps with retail customer service.

Zodiac: Capricorn

Favorite Product: White Lodge Incense

Favorite Sustainability Hack: Keep up with local politics (city, county, etc.) and support campaigns, initiatives, and organizations that are committed to sustainability!

Other Loves: Writing creative nonfiction, making digital collages, watching shows about terrible people, maximizing my time in the sun when it decides to show up.

Marina, Fulfillment

Marina works in fulfillment, and is a huge part of the reason our orders go out in a timely fashion.

Zodiac: Capricorn

Favorite Product: Hermitage Incense

Favorite Sustainability Hack: Repurposing plastic jars for plants and/or drinking cups!

Other Loves: Reading, video games, and learning music production in Ableton.

The Marketing Team

Karie, Designer

Karie designs landing pages and keeps the website up to date. She also creates product packaging, infographics, and other branding & print materials.

Zodiac: Pisces

Favorite Product: Hermitage candle for luxury. But for necessity, I can’t imagine ever washing my face again with anything but the Radiant Pearl Facial Bar.

Favorite Sustainability Hack: I love saving my veggie scraps to make homemade stock with. 

Other Loves: Practicing photography, obsessing over house plants, trying to bake things no one has ever eaten before, and traveling the world.

Hannah, Sales Strategist & Lead Photographer

Hannah is in charge of our retail calendar, contributes amazing product & nature photography, and is the queen of spreadsheets and data.

Zodiac: Aries

Favorite Product: I am addicted to every product but I never go without Hermitage Solid Perfume. Hummingbird is my morning ritual incense and Frith is the mother of all soaps. 

Favorite Sustainability Hack:  I love bulk shopping with my own storage containers. I try not to buy too many packaged foods and eat a plant based diet.

Other Loves: I love being outside and looking at all the many forms of life. My biggest passion is freediving in the cold Salish sea and nature photography. If I'm not outside I am watching Lord of the Rings or a BBC Earth documentary. I also love to throw down in the kitchen. 

Peach, Social Media

Creator extraordinaire, Peach creates content for social media, manages the giveaways, and moderates the community. They also write blogs and emails.


Zodiac: Pisces 

Favorite Product: Vasheen

Favorite Sustainability Hack: Canary Clean. I'm a huge dork for Canary Clean. Such an easy way to cut down on plastic! I'm never going back to liquid dish soap!

Other Loves: I enjoy doing ~nothing~ quite a lot, but when I've had enough of that I often create art in various mediums. I might sing or write or pick up a new craft, take photos or beautify a space. Art will always come out, I just never know how.

Nice to meet you!

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