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All-Natural Incense

Featuring activated charcoal and all-natural essential oils, this is the perfect incense for people who don't like incense. Forget about that haze of plastic fragrances you'll find in most commercial incense - you're getting only the good terpenes with us!

I get headaches when I burn incense. Why should I try Sea Witch Botanicals' incense?

Unfortunately, incense has had a bad wrap in North America. We typically see its use to cover up undesirable smells with classy scents like "sex on the beach". As synthetic fragrances became more prevalent (and cheaper to use), poor quality incense became the norm. If you have headaches when burning incense, it's either due to allergies to these damaging fragrances, or a real medical condition. If this is the case, consult your doctor before using incense. However, keep in mind that you can try our all-natural essential oil-based incense; love it or your money back! 

Isn't all incense natural? 

Contrary to popular belief, not all incense is created equal, or with natural ingredients. There are a number of plastics, resins, and synthetic fragrances that are found in typical stores. 

How can I tell if an incense is natural?

A natural incense should have deep, woodsy, soft lingering scent. Synthetic incense, on the other hand, is typically more vibrant and crisp, but leads to headaches. Only certain types of essential oils work for burning, so be wary of incense manufacturers that have an immense library of scent profiles. Most importantly, ensure your incense has an ingredients list (beware of "parfum" and "fragrance", which is typically petroleum-derived synthetic fragrances). 

Is there a spiritual use for your incense?

Sea Witch Botanicals offers a selection of all-natural incense made in the spirits of nature. While each scent profile is open to inter

Do you adore the smoky, sensual mystique of incense, but hate the headache? Then you’ll love our line of all-natural, essential oil based, air-purifying incense. Plus, our products are good for you and good for the environment.


Our incense is crafted for quality. Each batch is hand-dipped in in our exclusive, non-GMO essential oil aroma profiles, and each stick is hand-painted with its signature color for easy identification. Our incense is spiritually and physically uplifting, perfect for people who don't usually like incense. Plus you can try it risk-free: Love it or your money back!


Each stick burns for approximately 20-30 minutes. Remember to never leave candles or incense burning unattended. Pairs perfectly with our Unscented All-Natural Vegan Soy Candle.