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May Full Moon Collective Horoscope by Sara Galactica

The Collective

When the light of the moon has reached its fullness, it then ebbs back toward darkness. For those of us paying attention to the cycles of the moon, it’s the waxing and waning action that is potentially the most alluring… Or at least it is to me. 

There’s an acceptance, in living in rhythm with the moon, that we can’t be in the light (or the dark) all the time. Both are necessary, and the moon’s dance between the two gives us permission to do the same.

So it is that, once the moon is full, it then releases the light. It fades a little more each night until the moon is dark, and then it grows again. 

The invitation of each full moon is one of release. We can look to this natural rhythm-- a play of light and shadow orchestrated by where we are in relationship to the Sun and our companion satellite-- as inspiration for how we might make choices in our own lives. 

This Super Full Moon in Scorpio invites us into a particular type of release: A release from distraction. 

There’s a whole lot to feel distracted by right now, but it’s impossible to release it all. Some distraction can be good; healthy, even. The important thing is knowing which distractions to set aside and which to allow. 

With the waning phase of this moon, our collective essential work is truth: The uncovering of it, the clear telling of it, the quest to understand it. The things that distract us from truth are what we can let go of. 

Truth is not the same thing as the stereotypically folksy “Tells it like it is” mentality we’re so used to being fed in American political culture. Unvarnished honest opinion is not the same thing as reality. 

Truth does not play nicely with the false balance (a.k.a. “bothsidesism”) that alleges to present facts without bias. Reality does not live in the balance between opposing viewpoints. It is messier than choosing between two options. It is more nuanced than “I’m right, you’re wrong.” Facts don’t care if they’re inconvenient for your tidy worldview. They just are.

It’s natural to crave stability and normalcy, but our job-- your job-- right now is to investigate your beliefs surrounding what is normal. There’s no need to carry the burden of guilt for what is out of your control, but we don’t get to claim our innocence if we remain ignorant to the subtle and overt ways in which we are complicit in harm. 

It’s natural to long for something that felt simpler, but by the light of this full moon, I urge you to ask yourself: Was my idea of normal ever simple? 

It’s natural to want to turn challenging moments into potential for a better future, but our job (your job) right now, is to not look away. Take note of inspiration, imagine a more just and lush future-- but don’t use your imagination as means to bypass reality. 

Resist any urge to give up. Allow victimhood to roll off your shoulders. Do not succumb to defeat. Do not harden yourself to hurt. 

Instead, seek sweetness. Become a stubborn devotee to joy and fun. Allow yourself to be on the lookout for goodness, and celebrate every discovery. 

There will be a time for fire. There will be a season for inspired action. There will be much to create. 

But this is not a season of fire. This is a season of grounding. We are not ready to burn-- first, we dig. 

May we honor our ancestors-- the old and the new. 

May we remember that we are all beginners now. 

May the way be made when it is ready. 

May we awaken to the collective harm of the status quo. 

May we honor the breadth of our resilience and adaptability. 

May we find strength in joy. 

May the only economy we open be the economy of the heart.


About the Author: Sara Galactica is a writer and tarot reader based in the Pacific Northwest. She is the creator of Tarot Ecosystems, author of The Sweet/Nothing poetry-based oracle, and co-author of The Nomad Guide to the Tarot. 

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