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6 Essentials to Beautiful Skin

How do you wash your face? How can you get rid of acne? What is the best Skin Care? Why do I have acne?

The longer I work in the cosmetic industry the more I find a staggering amount of people who have never been taught the proper way to take care of their skin. It’s OK, it’s not your fault! The cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries would lose out on a lot of money if we “the consumers” knew how easy it was to have balanced, beautiful skin.

Let’s start with the basics; What’s your skin care routine like now? Do you bounce back and forth between products? Are you using up your old skin care products with the good intention of replacing them? You may think that by spending tons of money on acne medications and chasing every new miracle cure on the market that you are doing your skin a favor. Think again! Your skin likes it simple, so let me teach you how to love your skin.

With so many products on the market it is hard to know what is best, what brand to trust, what price is reasonable. To be honest, you can spend hundreds of dollars trying to fix a problem that can usually be prevented. Skin care, like holistic medicine, is more about preventative care than just treating the symptoms (western medicine).

6 Essentials to Beautiful Skin

1. Water

How much water do you drink? This is literally the most important step in taking care of you. Not just your skin, but every part of your body functions better with water. After all, we are 60% water.1 Did you know we are born with 78% of our bodies being water? Carry a water bottle around with you everywhere you go. Consider your water bottle a part of your body, you know, like your cell phone. You can even make a game out of your water intake in order to reach your goal. The best rule to remember is the 8 x 8 rule; 8 oz. of water 8 times a day.2 Keep in mind this number is just a rough estimate, a more active adult would require much more water than that. Are you a coffee drinker? Take the 8 x8 rule and add another 8 oz. of water for every cup of coffee you drink.  I promise that drinking water will get easier, and you will figure out plenty of ways to jazz it up, like lemon juice, lavender sprigs, mint leaves. The bottom line is without water your body can’t function properly, your organs work overtime and your skin takes a lot of the toll, with dryness, cracking, acne, and irritation.


What’s your diet like? Do you enjoy sugar, fried foods, and preservatives? Your grandmother was right; you are what you eat! Next time you pick up a french fry or donut, imagine wiping it all over your face-- rubbing it into your pores with enthusiasm! I am sure it is not hard to imagine the impact that these empty calorie foods have on your body.

Sugar damages your skin, educate yourself!

3. Wash

You need to wash your face twice a day, no exceptions, no passing out with your makeup on, eww! I can’t tell you how many people I have met who sleep with their makeup on, and simply re-apply as needed, Can you say GROSS! Throughout the day, your skin collects all sorts of goodies such as dirt, dander, dead skin cells, free radicals, chemical residues, pollen, grease, not to mention whatever makeup you are wearing. Give your skin a break, skin needs to breathe.

We have two kinds of oils that are produced from our pores and believe it or not, they are wise and can help you achieve your full beauty potential, you just have to let them do their work. Your pores produce an antimicrobial sebum (kills germs) and moisturizing sebum (balances skin). When you use petroleum-based products, these pores become clogged and confused unable to balance themselves. They fight with your petroleum-based product, causing breakouts and dryness. Your pores think they are producing too much moisturizing sebum and will therefore start forcing your body to become addicted to this product. The best way to clean your face is to use something that on a molecular level is very similar to your body’s own natural oils, that why all natural ingredients work better with your skin.

What to use? Of course I use Sea Witch Botanicals facial care products exclusively! Try our gentle & hydrating Radiant Pearl Bar for a clean, fresh face.

4. Toning

This is the step that really blows people’s minds, but I promise it pays off. You just finished washing your face, you are clean and happy and your pores are warm, wide open. This is the perfect opportunity to remove any unwanted oils and dirt stuck inside your pores. Toner should clean pores without drying them out, and even out skin tone and inflammation caused by the cleansing process. I recommend a toner that uses witch hazel to clean, aloe to repair skin cells, rose for beauty and lavender to reduce inflammation.

I created my Soothing Facial Toner to meet my stringent demands for skincare, without having to break the bank. If Sea Witch Botanicals is not right for you try 100% natural witch hazel in a spray bottle, lightly mist your face and allow to dry before applying moisturizer.

5. Moisturize

This is my favorite part: You have just stripped your skin of all its self-produced oils and it is hungry for more! Applying a fragrance-free facial oil will assist your skin in replacing its moisturizing sebum.  It is very important to always apply lotion, especially if applying makeup afterwards. I also recommend applying sunscreen over your moisturizer and under your makeup. Even if you live in the rainy pacific northwest, sunscreen is very important in protecting your skin and reducing signs of aging.

6. Date Night

I recommend taking your face on a little date. You know, spend some quality time together, it’s good for you! Make yourself a cup of tea and leave the kettle on, you will need the steam.

Once a week, I lock myself in the bathroom and have “me time.” This includes the eye brow shaping, nose hair trimming; you know, all that sexy lady stuff.  Once you are finished washing and plucking your face, it is time to open up those pores! Let’s grab that tea kettle and pour the steaming water into a bowl, throw in an herbal tea bag for an aromatic experience, and drape a towel over your head to keep the steam in your bowl, not around your home. After a good 5-10-minute herbal steam you are ready for a luxurious detoxifying facial mask. It is very simple to make, inexpensive and 100% awesome.

Weekly Detox Mask


2 tsp Kaolin clay

1 tsp Activated charcoal


1 tsp Dried lavender crushed

1 tsp Dried rose petals crushed

1 tsp Dried chamomile crushed

Beauty Enhancers

1 tsp extract of your choice depending on skin type, I like buckthorn extract

5 drops of your favorite gentle essential oil. I recommend frankincense, lavender, chamomile.

Add warm water until thick cake batter consistency, mix well making sure to crush up any large dried plant matter. Apply to clean face and allow to dry for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Does this all sound wonderful and magical? Get the Premium Facial Collection today and restore your natural beauty!

Thank you for reading, each and every one of you is my Muse

~Nature Misses You~

Alesia, Master Crafter at Sea Witch Botanicals™

 An infographic on the 6 essentials to beautiful skin - an excellent primer on facial care.


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