Interview with Sea Witch Botanicals Founder Alesia Hall-Sea Witch Botanicals

Interview with Sea Witch Botanicals Founder Alesia Hall

What does it take to start a sustainable business led by the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit? In a world of consumers demanding more transparency from the companies they purchase from, this question is relevant to many entrepreneurs.

Alesia Hall, Founder & Master Crafter of Sea Witch Botanicals

Sea Witch Botanicals Founder & Master Crafter, Alesia Hall, had the pleasure of being interviewed by sustainable business podcast group, the SloCrafted Life. The team behind this podcast sets out to explore, “how to craft an intentional, thriving life in the face of the coming environmental changes and amongst society's shifting tides.”

In this podcast episode, learn how Alesia’s fascination with hotel soaps led her to discover the serious health dangers of the ingredient: fragrance (parfum) at a young age. Later on she gained formal education in aromatherapy and massage therapy, always taking solace in the woods foraging.

Inspired by the Sea Witch, the purveyor of the waterways, and to be a change maker in the home and body care industry, Sea Witch Botanicals was born. She set out to create ethical and equitable products, inspired by nature. 

Sea Witch Botanicals produces sustainable home and body care that is safe for you and the world's waterways.

“I wanted to create a place where people wanted to come to work and felt like they were respected and had good ideas… that’s the goal every day.”

SWB's first hired on full-time employee is Sustainability Steward, Julie

Alesia shares how her business puts people and planet first and how third-party certifications hold your business model to a higher standard of operating. One of her most proud accomplishments is getting Sea Witch Botanicals B-Corp certified.

Sea Witch Botanicals became B-Corp Certified in August 2018

The motto of Sea Witch Botanicals being, "Nature Misses You." she talks about life in the PNW,

“it’s so amazing to just be amongst such ancient trees and to just lay on moss that’s probably hundreds of years growing and know that you’re surrounded with sometimes chanterelles or sometimes you’ll be really lucky and see some really great wildlife.”

Alesia explains the art of balancing motherhood and wearing many hats to scale her business, “when we’re home, we sit amongst the plants as much as we can. You can just sit and recharge. That’s where I get the most balance and meditation time.”

Throughout the podcast Alesia gives tactful advice on how to live more intentionally so that any consumer or business owner can become more environmentally and socially-minded in their daily lives, including what her everyday value is. Listen to the full podcast to find out!

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