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Our Top 3 Ways to Embed Self-Care into Your Morning & Nightly Routines

It’s no surprise that studies show starting and ending your day with routine can increase your overall productivity during the day. And honoring a routine is no-doubt a form of self-care. 

For us here at Sea Witch Botanicals, getting out in nature is one of our favorite ways to honor ourselves. Our motto of “Nature Misses You.” is our reminder to ourselves and to you to opt outside more often! This can look like walking in the woods to forage, daily neighborhood walks, biking to the park for some yoga, and everything in between. Whatever activity it is, the thread of being in nature is what is shown to decrease stress, boost mood and excel healing the body. We promise it helps, everything. 

One of our favorite ways to get in nature is by taking a neighborhood stroll.

Additionally, it’s the choices we make when we rise and rest that have been shown to make a considerable impact on how productive we are throughout the day. 

Here are our top 3 ways to embed self-care into your morning and nightly routines:

1. Ditch the phone.

Okay, easier said than done- but really, try plugging your phone into an outlet that requires you to get up to turn the alarm off. This will help you get meaningful rest at night and literally pull you out of bed in the morning. Get away from the endless snooze cycle in the morning by envisioning a bank account for your personal actions, and every time you press snooze it’s like withdrawing $15 from your self-worth. You made a commitment to wake up, so honor your intentions and do it! Besides, were those groggy 10 more minutes in bed really worth the late start to the day?

You will thank yourself and your phone for being fully charged throughout the day, by plugging it in away from your bed.


2. Care for your skin.

This is a big one for any self-care routine. First and foremost, drink water! We need at least 64 oz. a day, which is easily achieved by having four 16 oz. glasses throughout the day. Start with one when you wake up, another in the early afternoon, again in the late evening, and finish with one before bed. Of course, the more you can drink the better, especially if you enjoy coffee as much as we do. 

Add lemon to your morning cup of for a measurable energy and digestive boost.

Next, find a facial regime that allows you to check-in with your skin. Our skin is our largest organ and its appearance is an indicator of how our internal health is doing. We find that our Sea Witch Botanicals facial care routine comprised of three products, works best when used twice daily.

It starts with our Radiant Pearl Bar, featuring plant properties such as kaolin clay, oat protein extract, and vitamin E making for a gentle and hydrating bar that also helps extract excess oils and dirt.

Next is our best-selling Soothing Facial Toner that has been shown to tighten pores and minimize blackheads with properties like witch hazel, aloe vera, rose water, and lavender. Talk about refreshing!

And last but not least, our facial regimen is rounded out with our Lucidum Reishi Facial Serum that is full of anti-aging agents like sea buckthorn, nettle, and frankincense. And when these ingredients pair with reishi mushroom-infused rosehip oil, you can bet you’ll be glowing!

We find that taking the time for your skin is the ultimate way to honor yourself. 

Our bundled set is a 10% cost savings.

3. Check-in with your body with light mental and physical activity.

Morning mental activity can help you feel inspired and informed for the day. We enjoy starting the day by reading a blog, listening to a podcast or checking in with the news.  And to unwind the mind at night, grab a good book. Have we mentioned how much we love the public library?

For physical activity, we find morning and nightly stretching gives us a daily pulse of how our bodies are feeling. And if you can, ditch the morning drive and allow yourself enough time to walk or bike. These additions of being in nature and change in pace do wonders for your mental clarity and can help set you up for success for the rest of the day. If you have to drive, try taking different routes every so often to help with mental blocks caused by the day to day grind.

Try downward dog to help you identify where your body needs some attention.

We hope our self-care tips improve your morning and nightly routines so that you find increased productivity throughout your week! Please share ways you honor yourself in your daily routines in the comments below. Happy self-caring!


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