December Horoscopes by Sara Galactica


Below are horoscopes for each of the signs and The Collective for the lunation beginning with the New Moon in Sagittarius (11/26/19) by Sara Galactica. Sara is a writer and tarot reader based in the Pacific Northwest. She is the creator of Tarot Ecosystems, author of The Sweet/Nothing poetry-based oracle, and co-author of The Nomad Guide to the Tarot. 

Each horoscope is in the form of a haiku, and includes questions for reflection, meditation, divination, creation, etc. As always: Take what you need and leave the rest.


Hope is like the Sun:

Weather may obscure it, but

it shines anyway. 

  • What habits do you have that make it hard to remember hope? 
  • How might you balance being well-informed with being a conduit for hope? 
  • What simple, radical joy can you offer a world that feeds on despair? 


You are strong enough

to carry your story. You 

write the next chapter. 

  • What can old wounds teach you about your resilience? 
  • How can you accept the hardship in your story without becoming lost in it? 
  • What’s something you want to try but haven’t? Who can help you do this now? 


Lay down your burdens.

Set the contents of your heart

where you can see them. 

  • What feels heavy? Is it yours, or someone else’s? 
  • What are you toting around with you that is ready to be set down? 
  • Who can help you process what to keep and what to release? 


Gather round, friends, and

remember: Chosen family

also chooses you. 

  • What are the friendships that need your love and attention? 
  • What are the relationships that need to be cut away?
  • Are you grieving relationships you had, or the ones you wish you had?


The Sun is rising

over the horizon. Watch

what the light unveils. 

  • What ways have you changed (or faced change) this year? 
  • How do you tell the difference between your intuition and your inner-critic? 
  • If you quiet the voice of your inner-imposter, what opportunities do you see? 


Bless who you were and

make way for who you’re

about to become. 

  • What outdated beliefs about who you are do you still hold onto? 
  • How might you wash away the old expectations that no longer serve you? 
  • What fears do you need to face, and who can help you face them? 


Galaxies rotate 

in unison, though millions 

of light years apart.

  • How do your words or energy influence those around you? 
  • What can you do to communicate effectively, even with those who make that challenging? 
  • Who deserves your time and effort, and who can you lovingly spin away from? 


Fear does not know what

will happen, and waiting won’t

keep you from power. 

  • What does your fear teach you? 
  • Who/what makes you feel most empowered/confident? 
  • How is your impatience holding you back? 


You don’t need to wage 

war against the sea-- you must

only stay afloat. 

  • How might you prioritize rest and recovery? 
  • How might you find freedom by letting go of what you are resisting? 
  • How does your intuition keep you afloat?


The Sun has returned,

and you are reborn. Shed old

skin, embrace the new. 


  • Where do you feel empty or depleted?
  • What old ideas-- about yourself, about what you are capable of-- do you need to shed? 
  • How would you like to be reborn to yourself now? 


May you take refuge

in small pleasures. May joy be

your priority. 


  • How can you be efficient with your energy? 
  • What small pleasures bring you the greatest happiness? 
  • What can you do to prioritize joy for yourself and others? 


Permit yourself rest.

Allow empty space. Enjoy

the bliss of boredom. 

  • What is your relationship to being busy or distracted? 
  • How do you take rest? 
  • When was the last time you gave yourself a real break? 


Kneel at the river

of memory and sift through

the debris for gold. 

  • Who are the elders you look to for guidance and mentorship? 
  • How do you offer mentorship and guidance to others?
  • What memories serve as the foundation for who you are today? 

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