November Horoscopes by Sara Galactica-Sea Witch Botanicals

November Horoscopes by Sara Galactica

Below are horoscopes for each of the signs and The Collective for the lunation beginning with the New Moon in Scorpio (10/27/19) by Sara GalacticaEach horoscope is in the form of a haiku, and includes questions for reflection, meditation, divination, &/or creation. 

As always: Take what you need and leave the rest.

The Collective

May love be fuel, flame.

May love ignite and consume 

everything we touch. 


May love give our lives 

purpose and structure. May love

fill our wells of hope. 


May love delight us 

with its power. In love, may

we find we belong.


What would your life look like if you let love guide your words and actions? 

How can you show yourself love today? 




is my calling. I act in

service to the truth. 


What are you being called to investigate or learn more about right now? 

What truths need telling-- even if only to yourself? 

How might you delight in exploring new paths? 



I am ready to 

manifest my vision. May

fear become fuel.


What vision for your future is making itself known to you now? 

What fears have blocked your path before? How might you direct that fear into action?

Who do you need help from to make your vision a reality? 



I protect myself 

without defensiveness (and

I know the difference). 


What boundaries and limitations need revisiting? 

What might you learn from when you feel defensive? 

How can you protect yourself without creating walls? 



I partner with the 

unknowable. Mystery

is what guides me now. 


How might the unknown inspire you and give you drive? 

What can you do to establish an open line to mystery? 

What ways can you strengthen your own self-trust? 


I’m ready for my

heart’s journey to deepen. My

love knows no limit. 


Do you draw limits around your love? Do those limitations serve you? 

What is your capacity for love? 

What can you do today to help your heart open? 



An authentic life

demands integrity; I 

was made for this work. 


What does an authentic life look like for you? 

What practices help you stay grounded during overwhelming times? 

What is the sacred truth-- the holy Why-- behind the work you do? 



I commit to search 

for cunning ways to show the

world my gratitude. 


How many pages could you fill with lists of your gratitude? 

What clever ways can you show your thanks to the people and places you love? 

What offerings can you make as a symbol of your gratitude? 



I find divine truth

in my shadow. I don’t fear

the wisdom I find. 


What important truths need your attention? 

What wisdom have you been hiding from others? 

How might you use your story as medicine to heal yourself and others? 



I commit myself

to liberation. I know

I am held by love. 


What freedom are you working toward? 

Who can help you get there? 

When do you feel most loved? 



I connect to my

physical power through the

flow of my desire.


What can you learn about your physical strength and power through the pursuit of pleasure? 

What new thing can you learn about your body today? 

How does desire inform your decision-making? 



The time has come for

me to bring my visions to

life. I am ready. 


Do you know what you want? 

If so: What is the vision you are/have been working toward? 

If not: Who/what can help you gain clarity? 



I commit myself

to muting distractions and

following my heart. 


What practices can you lean on to trust your intuition right now?

What beliefs/habits/unconscious patterns are distracting you from what matters? 

How can you recommit to trusting yourself? 

Sara Galactica Bio: 

Sara is a writer and tarot reader based in the Pacific Northwest. She is the creator of Tarot Ecosystems, author of The Sweet/Nothing poetry-based oracle, and co-author of The Nomad Guide to the Tarot.


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