Green Friday: 100% for the Planet-Sea Witch Botanicals

Green Friday: 100% for the Planet

This year we carry on the tradition of donating more to environmental nonprofits and encouraging people to opt outside. As a B Corp and mission-driven business, our sole purpose is to make as big an impact as possible to improve the waterways and world in which we live. 

We will be donating 100% of all online retail revenue on Friday, November 29th 2019 to Earthjustice. There are a lot of nonprofits out there doing fantastic work. However, those who pollute and pillage our planet often do so out of greed (if not ignorance). The most impactful way to prevent those to seek to do harm to our waterways and wilderness don't care about "doing the right thing", animal rights, or the sixth extinction we are undergoing right this very minute. No, only by restricting their cash flow from nefarious activities can we have a hope at reclaiming this great earth. 

By pursuing legislative action against polluters, we are restricting their ability to make dirty money off of our shared natural resources. Just like how your individual contributions to purchase from sustainable companies pool together to create such market demand that even companies like Shell are looking at sustainable energy as being the future

Take a look at Earthjustice's list of victories. You can also see their rating on Charity Navigator

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