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Zodiac Gift Set: Capricorn

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    Zodiac Gift Set: Capricorn Info

    A gift set just for Capricorn!

    For you, Capricorn, what else but the very best of everything? This deep forest perfume is perfect for your stalwart nature. And your sweet, cozy incense and scented veil are grounded in the Earth just like you. (We know your socially responsible nature will rejoice at our sustainable packaging and cruelty-free ingredients!) The candle we chose for you is a spiritual singularity, an invitation for you to loosen the Earth around your roots and gaze up at the stars. Play with the Green Fairy when you’re getting too serious. 

    Set Includes:

    • Hermitage Incense
      • Juicy, earthy, and cozy. 
    • White Lodge Solid Perfume
      • A statement of strength and depth straight from the PNW.
    • Green Fairy Candle
      • A spiritual star anise experience.
      • Hermitage Scented Veil
        • Sweet and grounding.
      • One semiprecious stone - Onyx
        • Saturn-ruled onyx for the Saturn-ruled Capricorn. A stone known for its strong connection to earth energy. Not only can onyx be used for grounding and protection, but transmuting negative emotions into energy for more productive tasks. The hard-working Capricorn can use onyx to increase mental and physical stamina. Onyx can also ward off others' negative feelings and help Capricorns hold back on non-constructive criticisms.

      Candle almost gone? Check out our blog for 10 ways you can re-use the jar!