Route Package Protection

What Is Route Package Protection? 

Route is a third-party service offering Route Package Protection, which guarantees safe delivery of your packages by protecting them against loss, theft, or damage in transit. They also fully offset the CO2 emissions from your shipment through carbon credits, as well as carbon offset projects in partnership with GreenPlaces, to allow for 100% carbon-neutral shipping.

Additional benefits of Route include:

  • Instant online resolution of shipping issues
  • Item refund or replacement at Route's expense
  • 24/7 claim support

We recommend all orders add Route Package Protection, an option that will show up as a blue button you can toggle off or on within your cart during the checkout process.

How much does Route Package Protection cost?

The price is calculated automatically by Route based on your cart value and shipping location. It generally costs a few dollars.

Do I have to add Route Package Protection to my order?

No; you can toggle this optional service off from your cart when you check out.

How do I claim my Route-guaranteed replacement for any shipment that's lost, damaged, or stolen?

If your shipment is lost, damaged, or stolen in transit, request a refund or replacement by reaching out directly to Route customer service through their website or by downloading the Route App. Sea Witch Botanicals is not able to handle the replacement process for you, but we'll work with Route to get a replacement sent out for your lost or missing shipment as soon as your claim is submitted.