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Krampus Solid Perfume

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    2022 limited edition Krampus solid perfume in recyclable tin on a black set with red and gold fabrics in the background soot-black hands with claw-like nails holding a tin of 2022 limited edition all natural Krampus solid perfume Krampus™ solid perfume Krampus™ solid perfume with fir, peppermint, and holiday spices

    Krampus Solid Perfume Info

    Once a year, a dark and baleful entity awakens to punish the cruel and wicked. While Santa Claus exists to reward the pure of heart, our favorite sinister spirit comes in chains to drag evildoers away to unspeakable realms. He's just your unfriendly, horned vigilante! We like to think of him as the original nightmare before Christmas.

    This candle channels a prayer to Krampus, infusing your space with indulgent aromatics that evoke ancient secrets of the deepest, winter woods. Light this candle when it's time to unleash a little mischief and merriment, and fill your home with some spiced, flickering nostalgia.

    Sea Witch Botanicals solid perfumes are presented in reusable, low-profile tins for you to take anywhere - easily fits in a pocket or purse!

    To Use a Solid Perfume

    Use the back of your fingernail (or an applicator of your choice) to scoop a small amount from the tin and apply (and massage in!) to pulse points. You'll find what's right for you, but start with tic-tac sized amount and later on more as needed.


    candelilla wax, coconut oil*, grapeseed oil+, cocoa butter*^, shea butter*^, essential oil blend (cinnamon, clove, fir needle, frankincense, orange, patchouli, peppermint) *certified organic  ^certified fair trade +certified non-gmo

    Approximate net weight: 0.50 oz. 

    An Unforgettable aroma

    This year's limited edition Krampus envelopes you in a rapturous aroma you'll crave throughout the year.

    Gruß vom Krampus