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Ouroboros Altar Cloth & Bandana

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    Ouroboros Altar Cloth & Bandana Info

    This Ouroboros cotton altar cloth was designed and silk screened by artist Nikol King. The ancient symbol of a serpent consuming its own tale reminds us of the constant cycle of death and rebirth; a reminder that history has a way of repeating itself. This has happened before, and will happen again. 


    You can also don your Ouroboros snake as a bandana to remind yourself to savor the moment and know that what goes around comes around. 


    • Stunning interpretation of Ouroborous - the ancient serpent eating its own tail
    • 100% Cotton Altar Cloth/Bandana
    • Hand Silk-Screened by the artist, Nikol King
    • Dimensions: 20"x20"

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