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We only use natural botanical extracts in our all-natural incense, candles, sprays, and perfumes. You will never find plastic-derived synthetic fragrance oils here! 

What's wrong with Synthetic Fragrances?

Synthetic fragrance oils are most often derived from petroleum (read: plastics) and are not 3rd party tested for safety and composition. Many of these synthetic compounds may contain aspects of botanical extracts (such as lavender's linalool), but lack the complex mix of terpenes which have a holistic impact on health. Furthermore, a number of these fragrance oils feature molecular structures which cannot be broken down by the human body and may be passed down through three generations of your family. Yes, that's right - your great grandchildren could be stuck with that hormone-disrupting, cancer-causing "Fresh-Cut Grass" candle fragrance. 

It is our goal at Sea Witch Botanicals™ to offer legitimate alternatives to the world of synthetic fragrance oils. Take our Synthetic Fragrance Assessment to see how much of it is in your house, and take the 30 day fragrance-free challenge to rid yourself of these insidious scents. 

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