Welcome Spring Sales!-Sea Witch Botanicals

Welcome Spring Sales!

Hello, my lovelies! We cannot be more excited about spring! The ice is melting off of the mountains and brilliantly spring-shaded daffodils dot our little neighborhoods. We were fortunate to welcome a new member to the family this year and cannot wait to take her hiking the great Cascades in time. Thank you all for your support through the years. We are getting ready to see our friends at the Bellingham Farmers Market and unveil new products to you!

Share the love, Save some cash. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook, We will send a 20% coupon to you

To show my appreciation for all of you, we running two promotions this month. If you share a photo of your favorite Sea Witch Botanicals products, then tag us, I will send you a personalized coupon for 20% off of your next purchase! If you don't have any of my all-natural goodies, fret not! You can use the coupon code APRILAIR for 10% and stock up on incense, candles, soaps, and other goodies. If you're super-savvy, you'll use both coupons and save big! :)


So stock up and save! Of course, these coupons do not discount shipping, but you get free shipping at only $25, so have fun with it. 


Nature Misses You.

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