Welcome Julie Fish-Sea Witch Botanicals

Welcome Julie Fish

Julie Fish joins Sea Witch Botanicals as the Stability Steward

We are excited to welcome aboard our first true-to-life employee, Julie Fish! Julie is a Business & Sustainability major from Western Washington University. She’s charming, brilliant, and driven towards increasing social, environmental, and profit stability.

Julie's Bio: Julie has found herself living on the Washington coast and near mountain ranges her whole life. Although this lent itself to her feeling rooted in nature, it was not until moving to Bellingham to attend WWU that she was hit with a passion for sustainable living. You can find her riding her bike, planning a garden, or daydreaming about green interior design. Julie will be accessing for third party certifications and reporting on our sustainable practices. 

Julie will help us maintain and improve our sustainable business practices and guide us along the path to becoming a B-Corp. If you see her at any Sea Witch Botanicals events, be sure to say hi and congratulate her for her righteous efforts!

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