We Stand with Planned Parenthood-Sea Witch Botanicals

We Stand with Planned Parenthood

This month of love has us inspired to offer a product rooted in self-care. We are introducing Vasheen: A Lovely Sheen for Your Vagine! That’s right, we created a vaginal cleanser that is free of harsh chemicals, free of reproductive-system-impacting synthetic fragrances, and free of shame! These cleansing Vasheen bars are embedded with colorful vagina prints to embolden love for yourself and other womxn in your life.

As a business, we can use our force for good. That is why we’re choosing to donate 100% of the profits from these Vasheen bars for the month of February to the Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood-- which services Whatcom, Skagit, and San Juan counties with 3 health centers. We stand with Planned Parenthood because for over 100 years, they have provided reproductive health care for millions of people. They are an imperative leader in educating individuals, communities and the world on reproductive rights and sexual health. And now more than ever, in a political climate that is less than supportive, we appreciate that they stand as a powerful advocate for human rights and justice.

Courtesy of Planned Parenthood

We are a womxn-owned and operated business. We are grateful to Planned Parenthood for being a safe space in our community to have our questions answered, our health care provided and our rights defended. It’s our honor to support Planned Parenthood with 100% of the profits from the February sales of these Vasheen soaps. If you stand with Planned Parenthood show your support with #StandWithPP and #NoShame. Click here to donate directly to the Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood.

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