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Taurus Season Magic: Sensual Sustainability 5 Ways

Taurus Season is for Sensual Sustainability!

Taurus loves the Earth, and the Earth loves Taurus. Taurus knows the pleasures of sun-bathing in floral pastures, wading in cool streams, and charging full-speed over grassy fields, pummeling the ground with cloven hooves, wind-in-hair, simply for the thrill of it. Taurus is a hedonist, but a wise one. Taurus knows the value of a hard day's work, and how to fully luxuriate in the satisfying lull after a job well done. Taurus knows the Earth provides, so long as she is cared for. 

The zodiac calendar cycles through signs by element, beginning with Fire sign Aries, the spark that sets us off. Aries, the Ram, is all inspiration and spontaneity, action without structure, wild and unbound like an inferno, energy without a plan. What follows, though, is follow-through. When the Ram departs, the Bull arrives, all stamina and determination, ready to help us stay the course.


Taurus is an Earth sign, grounded, stalwart, and connected. Taurus wants you to feel the grass between your toes, dig your fingers into the soil, erect a barn with your bare hands and then lounge and feast all evening in celebration. Taurus works hard and plays harder, reaping what it sews, cultivating, building, maintaining, and luxuriating in the fruits of its labor. This season is the time to get sensual, indulge in physical pleasure, good food, hard work and well-deserved rest, with the interconnectedness of all life on this planet always in mind. Here are five ways to tap into the sustainably sensual spirit of the Bull:

  1. Love Yourself. (ᚹ - Wunjo - pleasure)

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure. Naturally, the Bull adores all of these things, so it's the perfect time to treat your whole body to the very best of nature! This season, sustainable self-care takes center stage, so say no to synthetics and give yourself only the good stuff by choosing natural, plant-based products from ethical companies, or by making your own! 

This planet is abundant with medicinally and metaphysically powerful flora, so pull out all the stops! This is the season for bath salts, sugar scrubs, face masks, balms, lotions, scented oils, bath bombs, and incense. Anything that works in harmony with the planet to bring your body the healing properties of nature is Taurus-blessed.

  1. Get Grounded. (ᛇ - Eihwaz -stability)

As an Earth sign, Taurus is tactile, practical, and present. Now is the time to build strong foundations, cultivate healthy routines, and practice mindfulness of the present moment. It's also about literally indulging your sense of touch and physically engaging with the world. It's a good time to build functional things with your own hands, to work on your garden, or even just go barefoot.

Try this simple mindfulness exercise next time you take a moment to focus on the now:

Notice five things you can see. 

Notice four things you can feel. 

Notice three things you can hear. 

Notice two things you can smell. 

Notice one thing you can taste. 

  1. Give Back. (ᚷ - Gebo - reciprocity)

Reciprocity is what makes the world go 'round, and doesn't Taurus know it? There is no wine without the vintner and no fruit without the farmers, and the land will only yield a great harvest when it has been given great care. Taurus knows the importance of cultivation, because it so values the rewards. 

If we love what this planet has to offer, then we have no choice but to pour that love back into it. This is Earth Month, after all! Get in the spirit by starting a garden that will yield pleasurable things, planting a tree in your community, or supporting a nonprofit that’s busy planting lots and lots of trees! Support businesses that give 1% To The Planet (like us!) and know that your purchases are always giving back to environmental justice. 

  1. Eat Well. (ᛃ - Jera - harvest) 

Taurus season is about enjoying things, okay? So give yourself the best by turning your cravings into quality experiences. 

For instance: Trade the bag of skittles for an actual fruit salad! Take the time to select only your very favorite fruits, wash and prepare them, cut them exactly the size you think is right, and determine the balance of flavors yourself so it’s utterly perfect. Skip the fast food drive through and bring out your grill! Try new recipes, or experiment with old favorites to see if you can make them healthier, tastier, or suitable for different diets. 

Make the extra effort for yourself, because you deserve to experience life’s pleasures. 

  1. Lift Your Voice. (ᚫ - Ansuz - breath)

Taurus is associated with the throat chakra, the energy center of communication and self-expression. Pay special attention this season to your neck, throat, shoulders and mouth. Unclench that jaw and massage under your ears. Slowly roll your head down, back, and side to side to give your neck and shoulders a good stretch. Drink tea with chamomile, mint, or slippery elm, and spend time with your face close to the cup, breathing in the steam. Make sure the scents you diffuse in your space are synthetic free, so you are breathing in nature and not toxic parabens and phthalates. 

Nurture your throat chakra by getting comfortable with your personal truth, your genuine identity, your core beliefs and values, and then giving yourself permission to voice them. Now is the time to practice speaking out about what matters to you!

It's Earth Month, which makes it an extra perfect time to speak up about the environment. Taurus wants you to get loud about climate change, about the health of our waterways, about single-use plastics and how to avoid them, about environmental racism and how to help those most affected. Your voice can make a difference!

So go go forth now, Sea Witches, and don't let the fire of Aries Season burn out. Harness the stamina of the Bull, plant your feet, and power through! 

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