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You Burn It, You Breathe It: Which Candles Are Safest?

At Sea Witch Botanicals, we’re constantly educating ourselves on how to create the most environmentally friendly products. We avoid plastics in both our products and our packaging, and there’s a couple reasons why.

We prefer not to contribute to the environmental degradation that plastic production causes. In addition, we want to avoid the health complications that come with ingesting plastics. One of our favorite mantras here is “Breathe Plants, Not Plastic”.

Conventional cosmetics, household cleaners, and most scented products contain plastics and other toxic ingredients. The chemicals in these products are known to cause health issues, contribute to global warming, and put a further burden on the environment. That’s why all of our products lack synthetic fragrances and anything else derived from plastic or petroleum.

Unfortunately, most scented candles on the market are made with harmful ingredients and hidden plastics. If you enjoy using products in your home that support the health of your family and the planet, you may have wondered what ingredients are hidden in conventional candles.


Can candles cause a headache? Are they bad for you?

Many people with allergies and sensitivities may experience negative reactions to candles. If you’ve ever gotten a headache after burning a candle, you’re not alone. It’s the synthetic fragrances and the paraffin wax that can cause this reaction in some people. Even if you don’t experience these effects, the candles you use may be polluting the air in your home.

When you burn a paraffin candle, the soot puts off known carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. Some wicks are even made with lead, although thankfully lead in candle wicks was banned in 2003. Burning these candles can aggravate the conditions of people who already have issues with respiratory, lung, or heart problems.

Breathing in commonly-used fragrance oils is no good either. The petroleum-derived scents may cause damage to the lungs, brain, and central nervous system. As we’ve discussed before, synthetic fragrances are known endocrine disruptors, which means they can have terribly negative impacts on our hormonal system.

Are candles bad for the environment?

Not all candles are created equal. If you’re looking for candles that aren’t harmful to the planet, you’ll want to avoid the temptation of those curiously cheap candles that are made with paraffin wax, fragrance oils, and artificial dyes.

Those ingredients are products of big oil and gas companies, an industry that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and a slew of environmental detriments. In addition, burning these chemicals releases volatile organic compounds that can be harmful to indoor air quality.


Synthetic fragrance vs. essential oils

A lot of candle companies use fragrance oils to scent their products. This is because it’s much easier and cheaper to produce a strong fragrance this way. However, due to their unfavorable consequences, we choose not to use them. 

We use pure essential oils to achieve our signature scents. It’s a bit more difficult to create a perfect aroma, and the final product is more subtle than commercial brands that people may be used to, but we believe it’s worth it (and our fans agree!). Essential oils are earth friendly plant extracts that we feel good about using in our products.

“Because [soy candles] burn more slowly, the scent is gradually released; there won't be an immediate wave of strong scent. This creates a more pleasant atmosphere for most people.”



Why soy wax candles are better

In addition to paraffin being a by-product of petroleum, it also emits toxic chemicals and burns hotter and faster than soy wax. Essentially, you’re huffing plastics when you burn these candles (and we really don’t want you huffing plastic).

There are many benefits to choosing soy candles:

  • Burn time is longer
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly, renewable
  • Nontoxic
  • Healthier for you and the planet
  • Won’t affect air quality in your home or buildup on your walls
  • Cleans easier than paraffin if spilled

At Sea Witch Botanicals, we use a soybean and rice base because it’s a renewable resource that’s biodegradable. We have a commitment to using plant-based ingredients to remain cruelty- and plastic-free. Your home is your sanctuary, and we want to keep it safe.

We love our candles and so do our customers! These eco-friendly products are made complete with wood wicks and zero-waste packaging. The adorable glass jar they come in can be reused for a variety of household purposes. We like to use them for herbs, art projects, and terrariums. Get creative!

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