Stockist Spotlight: Wild Terra in Highland Park, Los Angeles-Sea Witch Botanicals

Stockist Spotlight: Wild Terra in Highland Park, Los Angeles

Lights up on Wild Terra, a bright and beautiful woman-owned herbal apothecary in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California. Our traveling Sea Witch liaison, Julie, was fortunate enough to stop by recently and she got some lovely photos for us while she chatted with shop owner Danielle Noe. Check out our short interview below!

Danielle Noe of Wild Terra

What kind of shop do you have? What kinds of goods do you carry?

  • Wild Terra in an Herbal Apothecary stocking bulk herbs, teas, spices, and all things botanical.

Describe your shop in three words.

    • Community Herb Shop

    What inspired you to open your store? How did you get started?

      • While working in the film industry and studying herbal medicine in all my spare time, I noticed there was very limited access to herbal medicine in Los Angeles. I knew there must be other people in Los Angeles looking for affordable access to bulk medicinal herbs. I was looking to transition out of the film industry and opening an herbal apothecary was my path to follow!

      What aspects of being a shop owner are your favorite?

        • I didn't know when I opened Wild Terra that my favorite part would be the people. Everyday I meet amazing new people and get to share plant medicine with them.

        Are there words you live by or wisdom you'd like to share?

        • Owning a business is tough but I have learned that there is always a path forward and that keeps me going strong.

          How do you practice self-care?

            • I always make time to spend outside in my garden and clear my head. I love to light a stick of Sea Witch Botanicals incense and see what the plants have to say.

            Wild Terra herbal shop los angeles

            You can support Danielle and Wild Terra by following them on instagram and facebook!

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