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Scorpio Season Magic: Six Plants to Breathe, Drink & Bathe With

Welcome to Scorpio season, Sea Witches! We're back with some plant magic pointers and expert green witch insights for this, the season of a water sign so passionate and intense that it's often mistaken for a fire sign. Don't be fooled though! All that Scorpio intensity is rooted in emotion, and that means we're all in for some big feelings.

Here are six powerful herbs to lend you strength, healing, and peace through the marvelously morbid season of the Scorpion.

Clove & Cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks and whole cloves

Intense and enigmatic with a sexy edge of darkness, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet named for the god of the underworld (AKA Hades.) Pluto is the planet of death and transformation, creative destruction, and all that is hidden in darkness, shadows, and the depths of the psyche. (It's only fitting for the season that brings us Halloween and Samhain to have an association with the macabre anyway, right?)

This is no time to shy away from your dark side! Scorpio season is for getting familiar with your shadow self, and for getting comfortable with the concept of death as a beautiful precursor to rebirth. You’ll want strength and protection on your journey, so utilize cinnamon and clove like a torch to light your way.

Both associated with fire, these two spicy herbs each have long histories of being used medicinally as well as magically. They are also often used in protection and healing magic to bolster virility, immunity, and spiritual fortitude.

You can integrate cinnamon and clove this season simply by steeping them into tea, burning incense made of their essential oils, or by adding them to a simmer pot, your ritual bath, or a dream sachet.

And, wearing either scent as perfume is a great way to lean into Scorpio's dark, sensual and seductive vibe.

Fir & Cedar

cedar boughs, backlit by the sun

While we're getting comfortable with death, it's a good time to tune in to your dreams and pay attention to your intuition. The water element is a conduit, always associated with the moon, emotions, and the subconscious. Water seasons can bring us a little closer to the meaning behind our dreams and help reveal to us what we've been hiding from ourselves in our deepest sea caves.

Every water season is an invitation to get in touch with your emotions so you can feel them and heal them!

Fir and cedar are both excellent for healing, grounding, and purifying mind and space. Bring these scents into your ritual bath time to cleanse the space and set your intentions, or add them straight to the bath to release their energies into the water with you.

They would also make helpful, centering additions to a dream sachet, especially for lucid dreaming.

Rosemary & Lavender

a pair of hands cradling stalks of lavender

When emotions run high - as they are wont to do in a water season - our reactions can be quick and brutal, like a scorpion's venomous stinger. Deep and intuitive, Scorpio has the potential to be both painfully empathetic and calculatingly vicious. You don't get burned by a Scorpio, you get stung!

This season, we'll want to watch our tongues, and we might have to try a bit harder than usual to keep a cool head. But look no further than this classic pair for help staying unbothered and rational!

Rosemary is a cognitive stimulant, the smell of which can improve performance in memory, focus, and calculation. Combined with lavender, the great calmer of nerves and soother of stress, it's the perfect herbal antidote to short tempers and raw emotions.

Start your days off right by adding rosemary to your eggs and lavender to your tea, or by burning a stick of Herbal Renewal incense. Take these scents with you by wearing them as perfume, or light a lavender and rosemary essential oil candle when it's your turn to host the family dinner.

Happy Scorpio season, Sea Witches. Fear not the depths!

a free-diver rises toward the surface of the water

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