Print Soap Collaboration: Karen Blanquart & Non-profit Ffungi-Sea Witch Botanicals

Print Soap Collaboration: Karen Blanquart & Non-profit Ffungi

We are honored to begin a new and exciting collaborative product series with BIPOC artists! For the foreseeable future, we will be working with an artist to feature their artwork in our signature gentle print soaps. For every sale of these unique soaps, the artist and a non-profit of their choosing will each receive $1 contributions. Join us in bolstering BIPOC artists creative work & non-profits meaningful missions by washing up with beautiful body soaps! 

Celebrate Mycology with Artist Karen Blanquart & non-profit Ffungi

Mycology Print Soaps

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Artist Bio:

Hello, my name is Karen Blanquart. I’m a Filipina-American visual artist, illustrator, and designer of small goods living in the Pacific Northwest. I have always had a soft spot for all things 60’s and 70’s that has influenced my current illustrations. I love to tell stories in my work, from capturing dreamlike experiences in nature to exploring what made me who I am through the lens of family and culture. Stories can be the magic catalyst for human connection and a reminder that we can still find wonder in the smallest of things.

Moving from the Midwest to the wonderland of Washington state, I was quickly enamored by the diverse beauty of mushrooms and fungi in the forests that surround me. Mushrooms now have become one of my favorite subjects to draw inspiration from, and it's exciting to see more people studying the environmental and medicinal benefits around the world.

Karen Blanquart

You can keep up with Karen's latest artwork by following her Signs & Wonders Art Goods IG account. And don't miss out on the brick and mortar & online shop she co-owns, Brazen Shop & Studio located in downtown Bellingham, WA (a Sea Witch fav)! 

Artist's Non-Profit Choice: Ffungi

The Fungi Foundation works for the Fungi, their habitats and the people who depend on them. They are a mushroom-loving nonprofit dedicated to mycological education, conservation, restoration, art, and research. 


Learn more about this organization & perhaps show them some love with a donation!

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