A mountain goat with large horns stands on a steep and lush cliffside.

Practical Magic for Capricorn Season


We are deep in Capricorn season. It’s cold. It’s dark. The holidays have passed, and we’ve celebrated the solstice - the turning point back toward light and warmth - and now we must face the rest of winter. There is still nearly a month before Imbolc, when Cailleach gives us a hint about if winter will go on even longer.

(If the weather is bright and sunny on Imbolc, it means Cailleach needs to gather more firewood for herself before spring. But, if it’s cold and blustery, then Cailleach must be sleeping, unconcerned with her supply of firewood because she knows it will be getting warmer soon.)

It may feel pretty bleak in these first days after Yule and New Year’s, but there is good news in the stars for us, Sea Witches: we face this time of year under the stalwart influence of the noble Sea Goat.

A mountain goat with large horns stands on a steep and lush cliffside.

What is Capricorn Season About?

Capricorn the cardinal Earth sign is ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, stewardship, structure, and boundaries. (Also dark humor. And bones.) Its energy manifests in themes of dedication and stamina, perfect for getting serious about long term goals and buckling down to endure the lingering chill before the inevitable thaw.

What are the Challenges of Capricorn Season?

Central to Capricorn is the concept of stewardship: the dedicated and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care.

Of what are you a steward? The duties of your occupation? Your home and family? Your craft? Your community? Your planet? More importantly, how do you care for your very own body, mind, and spirit so that you can fully show up for these beautiful facets of your life?

Taking responsibility from a place of love for your own body, mind, and spirit is a prerequisite to making the world a better place in the ways that only you can. You cannot be your best self in the world if you’re not pouring from a full cup!

Capricorn season is about staying the course. Capricorn is a marathon, not a sprint. This season is challenging you to go the distance without burning out! So here are a few of the best ways we can take care of ourselves over the next few weeks:

A figure in hat and hoodie sits atop a mountain summit with a victorious fist raised in the air.

Advice for Capricorn Season

Balance Responsibility with Play

Capricorn is a very serious sign, concerned with the economical, the professional, and the practical. It is also a dreary time of year for most of the northern hemisphere, and not at all the proper time to abandon levity! Let's not let the Sea Goat forget that it is an utterly ridiculous creature.

This season, remember to lift your nose from the grindstone once in a while so you can laugh, create, engage, and appreciate the journey. 

Set Boundaries and Question Limits

Saturn is heavily associated with themes of boundaries and limitations. Use this energy to your advantage this season: let it compel you to be open about what you need, what you can offer, and what you cannot. Give yourself permission to set boundaries and stick to them!

Conversely, this is a time to get real with yourself about what your immovable limitations are, and which limitations are imagined, perceived, or believed without question. 

Stay Grounded, but Think Long-Term

Capricorn's ruling planet is associated with ideas of perseverance and endurance. It reveres that which stands the test of time, and rejects passing trends. The Sea Goat looks out into the future with its hooves firmly planted on the ground. 

Your challenge this season is to keep yourself grounded while considering the bigger picture. You may be looking forward to the satisfaction of a well-kept resolution, but be sure to stay tapped in to the journey!

Remember to nourish yourself. Eat whole foods. Take time to cook simple things in a pleasant environment with people you love. Move. Dance. Stretch. Walk. Explore. Roll. Return to your body and experience what it feels like to exist in it. You'll get there. Don't forget to look around on the way. 


F Kay Baumann
F Kay Baumann

Thank you for this!!!


Thank you so much for this blog! It’s always such a lovely read, and I love all of the practical and creative ways to re-center if things are feeling frazzled! I love learning about the histories of the seasons and sabbats <3

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