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A New Moon Tarot Reading from Sincerely The Tarot


By Monday, September 6th, the waning crescent moon will be new - fully hidden by its own shadow in a moment of quiet repose. Every time the moon is new, we are offered an energetic fresh start and a chance to get back in sync with the cycles of the natural world. So, this month, let's try something new as a community! Please enjoy this deeply insightful community Tarot reading for the upcoming moon cycle from one of my favorite healers and feelers, Jordan Rayne of Sincerely The Tarot

Community Draw from The Wooden Tarot by Sincerely The Tarot

September for Sea Witches

It is an absolute honor to be pulling for anyone who finds their way here at any time. The following tarot reading provides us guidance through this next moon cycle. Support was called in around what we are being invited to release, to call in, and an anchor support to turn to when we are struggling to follow through with our personal intentions around these collective messages. I trust my channel more than I ever expected to, and I trust yours even more-so for you: please only take what resonates and leave the rest.

What to release

Page of Bones from The Wooden Tarot Deck

Page of Bones, traditionally Page of Pentacles, can be held as Youthful energy of Earth. There is something in your life that you have been exploring in relation to your body, tools, practices, and/or physical experience. Look to where you have been holding something as a curiosity; more of an interest to learn about but not something you have invested in seriously.

You are invited to let go of engaging with this as 'less important' than other parts of your life. Continuing to see oneself as Novice in this area is significantly limiting. There is more to yourself here. There are shifts to be made, deeper layers to engage in, that could change everything. Continuing to see this as a hobby or an aspect of play that should come after other things in your life, is asking to be released.

What would that look like for you? What would it look like for you to release engaging in this practice or resource as if you don’t have a deeper sense of it? As if it isn’t worthy of being treated as a main priority?

What to call in

Seven of Bones from The Wooden Tarot Deck

Seven of Bones represents pausing to connect with material growth you have worked for. This material expression can look like many things. In regards to this tool or practice you have been curious about, you are invited to call in a cultivation of incredible evidence of growth. Once you've released considering this practice a mere curiosity, there will be work to commit to this cycle, and it will start changing things.

You are also invited to call in the space and time to connect with this growth, evaluating how it is contributing to your larger goals, and making the changes necessary. No doubt, this moon cycle is ready to support the work you want to put in and honor the changes you are making for yourself through the work.

What would evidence of growth in this area look like? What do you want to be growing? How will you know what changes are supporting your progress?

How to support the Self

Two of Blooms from The Wooden Tarot Deck

How to support the Self when struggling to release and beckon as desired? The Two of Blooms, traditionally Two of Cups, reminds you to engage in the power of connecting your heart with your love for this tool/practice/resource. Connect with your love for the work itself.

This anchor looks like opening your heart, emotions, intuition, and creativity to this deeper channel of identity. A channel that pulses and inspires you to remember that you are magic and alive and worthy of the work.

When you are feeling resistant to making the changes you want, consider shifting from the stress of logistics, insecurities, and doubts, to why you love this practice and source in the first place. Come back to the Love. Come home to the truth that you are already the expert in another time and space. Your body is here in your now and the rest of you already has the full blossom from the seed within.

What brings you back to the love in your heart for this deepening practice? How can you open up your heart to your own Self? Who inspires you to engage more with your inner waters around around this growth?

Happy New Moon Beginnings, Sea Witches.

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Lovely reading ~ lots there to consider


Thank you, Jordan, for this insightful reading. Bright blessings….

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