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January Horoscopes by Sara Galactica

Below are New Year horoscopes for each sign of the zodiac, and The Collective-- the global community we all belong to. These horoscopes are by Sara Galactica. Sara is a writer and tarot reader based in the Pacific Northwest. She is the creator of Tarot Ecosystems, author of The Sweet/Nothing poetry-based oracle, and co-author of The Nomad Guide to the Tarot. 

The Collective

We are ready for an awakening of instinct. The time has come to face the unknown, and so our first task at hand is understanding who we trust enough to walk with, hand-in-hand through the darkness. 

Conscious progress has been blocked by our collective inability to see beyond a culture obsessed with smoke and mirrors that hide the uncomfortable mysteries that are part of being human. Some questions do not have satisfying answers, and some secrets aren’t ready to be deciphered. But a collective commitment to curiosity-- and the courage not to get bogged down by unpleasant or untidy answers-- is the one thing that will clear away the illusion. 


This New Year, your path to the sacred wilderness of the soul is one of solitude, stillness, and rest. You will be ready to light the fires of inspiration soon, sweet Aries, but first you must seek clarity outside of the chaos and clutter of external influences. 

Come to a complete and conscious stop before accelerating through this intersection, or risk an unpleasant collision with what you couldn’t see. 


Embracing instinct means stepping directly into your magic, Taurus. The time has come to radiate with the creative power that resides within. 

Imagine your ideas as the seeds of evergreen trees: Nurture them, understanding that what you feed now will be what takes root in the months and years to come. Your saplings’ strength directly correlates to your willingness to shine. 


Invite in presence and stillness to discover possibility. Focus on building small, sustainable habits that support balance between your seemingly disparate parts. Allow familiarity and simplicity to guide you, but not into tricky comforts that ultimately leave you feeling trapped. 

Allow yourself to get creative with the tools and resources you already have, rather than looking externally for something more. Pause long enough to see that you already have the necessary ingredients to live the life you’re lusting after. 


Repeat after me: My heart is my wisest teacher. My heart is my wisest teacher. My heart is my wisest teacher. 

Before you can bloom, you must store up energy. Before you can bear fruit, you must allow for cross-pollination of ideas. Invest in the relationships that support mutual growth, Cancer. Invest time and resources in your own care and sustenance. When you feel lost, deflated, or afraid, come back to one crucial question-- What does my heart need right now?-- and then do that thing. 


How brightly are you burning, sweet Leo? Are you ablaze with excitement and inspiration, or have you lost your trademark spark? If you have found yourself feeling charred and spent, I invite you to try this simple meditation: Go outside and find a single piece of evidence of the season where you live. It’s winter where I live in the Pacific Northwest, and outside I see vibrant boughs of western red cedar and dried catkins dangling from leaf-barren branches of alder. I hear geese honking as they fly overhead. I feel my heartbeat slowing just noticing this. 

Try this simple meditation every day for a week. The important thing isn’t what you see, but that you take in the medicine that exists in the world around you, in every season, no matter where you live. Allow this medicine to replenish what feels depleted and reinforce what feels solid. 


You are entering a season of creation and decisive action. Prepare to express yourself, indomitable Virgo. 

While it make take a bit more time to see the results of your hard work, know that your unencumbered expression and creativity will yield mighty results. Confidently step into this season of generativity, and remember to take advantage of any opportunity to infuse joy and play into your work. 


What is your relationship to place? No matter your physical resources or time constraints, now is the time to consider how you live with-- or in opposition to-- the land around you. 

Take care to notice how the changing seasons impact your mood. Pay attention to your surroundings, and note what shifts when you feel more observant of the natural allies you share the planet with. Rather than seeing yourself as separate from nature, consider what your life might look like if you explored your wildness. What beloved activities or daily routines might be improved by intentionally incorporating a bit of the natural world into your life?


The old stories you’ve told yourself might not be accurate. What long-held beliefs are holding you back? Whatever narratives you’re holding onto that excuse you from showing up in your fullness are ready to be repurposed. Simply put: The internal voice that would lead you to believe you don’t have what it takes to succeed is a liar. 

It’s time to break the spells that prevent you from trusting yourself. No more pretending that the nasty voices and self judgement have any place in your brainspace. Your old expectations are well past their expiration date. Toss ‘em. 


The natural world is your most influential teacher, and the lessons you gain from the Great Mother are rife with power and meaning just waiting to be shared with others. As our planet turns and evolves, so shall you. Look to the endless abundance of the natural world to inspire your gratitude. Create with abandon, like nature does. Make, share, repeat. 

There’s no need to overthink, no need to do anything with what you create, other than to practice the art of giving yourself away with everything you make. Your prosperity is directly linked to your creative fire. It’s time to display your riches. 


Here you are, dear Capricorn, right back at the beginning. In addition to the New Year, this is the season of your rebirth offers you the gift of a beginner’s mind, encouraging you to channel your dedicated spirit into experimentation and learning. 

No matter your age, you are being invited to ask what areas of your life could use fresh eyes and an open heart. You are being welcomed into possibility through setting expectations aside in these areas, and instead allowing yourself to dance to whatever rhythm springs up from your feet. 


Whether or not you’d call yourself an artist, it is time to embrace your inner creative flame. Lead by taking action. Impress by seeking solutions that have been overlooked. Allow more than one thing to be true at once. Raise your energy by investing time into your creative passions and curiosities. 

Perfection has no place here. Channeling your inspiration into even the most mundane tasks is enough to change the world. 


Seek serenity in the here and now. Nothing needs to be added, changed, or gotten rid of to find contentment. Rest, replenish, and nourish yourself. Prioritize recovery over the moving target of achievement. 

Don’t stop making, but do allow what you make to serve as a therapeutic outlet for anything that stands between you and healing. There’s no need to fear the deep emotion that may arise from the quiet of rest. Remember: You were born to swim. 

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