February Horoscopes by Sara Galactica-Sea Witch Botanicals

February Horoscopes by Sara Galactica

Below are Februrary horoscopes by Sara Galactica. Sara is a writer and tarot reader based in the Pacific Northwest. She is the creator of Tarot Ecosystems, author of The Sweet/Nothing poetry-based oracle, and co-author of The Nomad Guide to the Tarot.


The Collective: Welcome to the Remaking

Our world is changing and old structures are showing their wear. But do not succumb to fear: Now is the time to establish a collective vision for a new way forward. 

We can create more suffering by avoiding the truth of change, or we can engage our imaginations and resolve to adapt. While this may feel disorienting, it need not be destructive. 

This month’s horoscopes are designed to help you think about your role as we awaken to the reality of coming change. Each of us will have a job to do, a unique perspective to offer, a valuable skill set to share. How we move forward is up to each of us, and we all have something to offer. 

You have something to offer. 



I invite you to step into your role as a visionary. Imagine what the world might look like if we prioritized participation over privilege. Get honest about who has been left out, left behind, and exploited. Question your preconceived notions about what is normal or expected, for yourself and for The Collective. 

If you can, look to your own ancestral line for examples of struggle met with triumph. If your personal ancestral line is hard to access, I encourage you to seek stories that remind you how overcoming the odds often requires ditching the game. 



Gather offerings. Give them to the land. Build circles of people who believe in seeking and providing nourishing love. Let your spiritual practice be the opening of your tender heart. You are here to help us see what it might look like if we all had plenty. 

You can imagine an alternative future where we are all provided for because you know, deep down, that we already are. You are here to help us witness the lushness of what we already have. Your commitment to sharing beauty and comfort can help us all know that our alternative future is accessible now. 



I invite you to remind us just how much there is to be happy about. The weight of the reckless powerful is heavy and real, but you will not allow them to steal our joy. We need you to help us remember what is worthy of celebration right now. You can help others see what we’re already getting right. You are innately capable of showing others that we already have something to build upon. 

Rejoice! Joy does not require anyone’s permission. 



Your job is to remind us where we are: A moment of new beginnings. Fear is normal and natural, but it is not what will move us forward. You can help others open to the possibility. You can offer comfort, even in the shadow of the unknown. 

You can help the rest of us recognize wisdom, beauty and hope in unlikely places-- that is, if you do not succumb to fear yourself. We need those who are willing to be pioneers for a new future. You were built for this moment. Remember what you’re made of. 



You know the saying, right? Many hands make light work. I invite you to use your charm and humor to encourage collaboration and commitment to doing the work necessary. 

Leadership takes many forms, and we need you to use yours to inspire and encourage the labor needed to work toward a collective aim. You can help organize and inspire others to act. You can lead by example. Share the responsibility to bring abundance and nourishment to your community. 



Your strength resides deep within. You are safe to act in alignment with the greater good. While our circumstances are unique, humans have seen moments like these before, and humans will see moments like these again in the future. Whether you know who they were or not, your ancestors were survivors-- and so are you. 

Do not equate your survival with struggle. Focus on your stability, and use that to offer solid ground and ease to others. In the wise words of fellow Virgo, adrienne marie brown: “What is easy is sustainable. Birds coast when they can.” 



I invite you to stay dedicated to the work you know you’re here to do. Whether you are able to do that work for a living or not isn’t important. It is the doing of the work and teaching it to others that is the most valuable. Remember: No matter the job or skill, sharing it is an act of hope and resilience. 

You are capable of passing on knowledge and traditions. And if you are feeling unsure of your own worth-- or start to question whether you have anything to offer-- sharing what you know is deep, supportive medicine (not to mention that the people in your community need you). Find the patience and care you need to stay the course. Teach others what you know can empower them and support them at the root. 



I invite you to step into your role as a truth-teller. Yours is a powerful voice of clarity. Your bold ability to cut through the crap is needed now more than ever. If you are willing to own your strength, you will be a model of self-possession. 

You needn’t be mean to be sharp, but do not dull your blade to put powerful people at ease. Proclaim what is true and real. Be willing to identify what others will only dance around. Quiet the noise by introducing others to reality. 



I invite you to understand the purpose of fallow land. Help others see the beauty of dormancy. Help us remember the value of the turning wheel. 

Teach others how to rest and recover by example. Where we meet our limits, show us how to rest. When we fear the future, remind us that the ancient ones still speak to us in silence. Grow practices that value pause. Nourish the nerves. Be willing to stop. 



I invite you to remind us of our limits. Help us remember that some restrictions are healthy. Model the holy “no.” If you don’t already know how to do this, find those who can teach you. Commit to honoring healthy boundaries and restraints. It’ll feel uncomfortable at first, but keep going.

Because we need you to help us respect the process and not do too much. We need you to help us focus on the small truths that have big impacts. We need you to show us how a thoughtful no supports a heart-filled yes. 



I invite you to delight in learning. When you aren’t sure of an answer, seek more information before coming to a conclusion. See the joy in what you don’t know. Joyfully remind us what we don’t know. Inspire us to be flexible in our expectations as we stay true to our values and vision. 

Your commitment to joyful exploration and willingness to learn will illuminate what we can rely on. Your willingness to be committed to the destination while staying open to many pathways to get there will help us see strength in flexibility. 



I invite you to be a visionary of the heart. Navigate the mysteries and share what is revealed. Learn to trust the visions you see. Express your dreams, but don’t get hung-up on the method or modality. Fretting over the how is a good way to forget the why

You are a natural inhabitant of the veils and the depths. Not everyone is able to swim, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all need the truth you discover in the deep. Come back to the surface and share what you learn between dives.

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