Donating 100% of Green Friday Profits to RAVEN Trust-Sea Witch Botanicals

Donating 100% of Green Friday Profits to RAVEN Trust

Sea Witch Botanicals will be donating 100% of Green Friday profits to environmental non-profit RAVEN Trust!

We are turning Black Friday GREEN again! For the fifth year running, we are opting out of the greed festival, pledging instead to donate 100% of our online retail profits from the day to an Indigenous environmental nonprofit fighting for systemic change. 

RAVEN Trust is a British Columbia based 1% For The Planet non-profit organization that raises legal defense funds for Indigenous Peoples to defend their rights and the integrity of their lands and cultures. By partnering with First Nations, RAVEN has helped to halt mines, stop pipelines, and set groundbreaking legal precedents. 

"While governments come and go, a legal precedent set in the Supreme Court of Canada is forever...Our movement is pushing back against environmental destruction, and creating better laws."

Indigenous protesters hold signs opposing the tar sands expansion

Their mission, as stated on their website, is to assist Indigenous Peoples who enforce their rights and title to protect their traditional territories and the natural environment.

"Like our namesake, the mythical northwest coast trickster bird Raven, we take on challenges that very few are willing to tackle. By doing so, we are reshaping the landscape and transforming the future."

RAVEN works collaboratively with approved applicants to shape their campaigns, and centers Indigenous voices in its public education and outreach to communicate what is at stake for communities and for the environment. They engage communities through digital campaigns, events, and partnerships with allied organizations, form coalitions with movement leaders and grassroots organizations, galvanize supporters to fundraise, and encourage businesses to stand up for Indigenous rights.

RAVEN Trust's Impact

"Supporting the assertion of the inherent and constitutionally-protected rights of Indigenous Peoples is a powerful pathway towards reconciliation and environmental justice. Working together we’ve raised millions of dollars to back some of the most groundbreaking legal challenges of our time."

RAVEN documents its many victories on its website, and hosts a map that plots the locations of important legal wins they have been involved in. 

Click the images below for more information on some of their current projects and to find out how you can support! 

Stop Site C

RAVEN Trust Heiltsuk campaign

RAVEN Trust Support Beaver Lake Cree Nation

You can support RAVEN Trust by donating directly from their website, following them on social media, tuning in to their their podcast, or sharing about their current campaigns. 

We are proud to support this incredible organization! May every dollar you spend today be a vote in favor of the planet!

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