Founders Week Sale 2019

We're representing a fierce female who started this company. Mother, daughter, partner, friend, and a business owner to boot! Alesia started Sea Witch Botanicals with a mission to help people realize the impact they had, on the health of their bodies and the environment, with their choices in home cleaners and cosmetics. 
Our Mission: Sea Witch Botanicals aims to keep the world's water healthy by providing natural home and body products that are good for you, and the environment. 

Take the Synthetic Fragrance Assessment to see how much fragrance is in your home. 

Founder's Top 7 Picks

Here are Alesia's favorite Sea Witch Botanicals products to get you acquainted with our product line. 
  1. Lucidum Facial Serum

    I absolutely am in love with this daily & nightly ritual. This rich serum replaced the Alpha & Omega facial lotion I used to make. The botanical extracts readily absorb into your skin, leaving it feeling soft and dewy - not slick and oily.
    Lucidum is on sale for 25% off until 8/4/19

  2. Dusty Rose Lip & Cheek Tint

    The makeup industry is full of parabens and cheap fillers. Worst off, they don't end up doing anything positive for your skin. My lip & cheek tints are made with fair trade organic cocoa butter, which works with your body, rather than closing off moisture.
    All of my lip tints are 25% off until 8/4/19, so try a few out! 

  3. Goldberry Solid Perfume

    I'm so excited about this new line of solid perfumes, but mostly this playful, fruity scent of Goldberry. I'm a geek for mythology, but specialize in Tolkein. This delightful perfume is named after a water nymph of Tolkein lore.
    All solid perfumes are 25% off until 8/4/19. Mix and match your scents. 

  4. Canary Clean

    Honestly, probably my most favorite product. This simple bar packs a lot of punch in the kitchen! Say goodbye to damaging detergents and tough solvents. This plant-based multipurpose cleaner is tough on stains and compostable! A must-have for any kitchen, art studio, or camping bag.
    Get my simple home cleaning bars for 25% off until 8/4/19!

  5. Quoth the Raven Incense

    A juicy and energetic aroma - a perfect pick-me-up after a long day, and great to bring alertness to the mind when reading. My incense sticks are infused with essential oils - never fragrance oils!
    Try any incense 22-packs for 25% off until 8/4/19. 

  6. Herbal Renewal Scented Veil

    This invigorating floral hydrosol is crafted with lavender and rosemary essential oils, giving you a boost in relaxation and creative energy. My favorite thing about our veils is their versatility - you can use them as a perfume, linen spray, room spray, or pretty much anywhere you need an aromatic ascension.
    All veils are 25% off until 8/4/19. 

  7. Vasheen

    Ok, here's the big one. Do you know how hard it is to find a soap to clean your sensitive areas that's NOT riddled with plastics, preservatives, SLS, parabens, fragrances, and other little nasties? Presenting Vasheen! It's a plant-based feminine wash made for good hygiene.
    Vasheen is 25% off until 8/4/19. Stock up!