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Lucidum™ Reishi Facial Oil

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    LUCIDUM Dropper

    Lucidum™ Reishi Facial Oil Info

    Made with Essential Oils No Synthetic Fragrances Certified Vegan

    This age adapting facial oil is made with extract from organic reishi mushrooms. Named after the miracle reishi mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum, the new Lucidum™ Reishi Facial Serum from Sea Witch Botanicals™ has been getting rave reviews for its penchant for promoting glowing, dewy skin without leaving you feeling oily. This facial oil is rich with anti-aging agents like sea buckthorn, nettle, and frankincense to keep your skin feeling radiant. 

    There is just not much that reishi mushrooms won't do! These fantastic fungi have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine as an anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties. Further research is being done on the impact of reishi on cancerous cells.

    Use this serum in your daily skincare routine, or after shaving to help soothe razor bumps. 

    Net Weight: 1 ounce


    Natural carrier oils [non-GMO grape seed, rice bran, vitamin E], botanical extracts [sea buckthorn, carrot, nettle, reishi, rosehip, rosemary], essential oils [bergamot, frankincense] 

    We proudly source our USDA Organic reishi mushrooms from our neighbors at Cascadia Mushrooms

    Our bottles are tinted glass with a dropper made of rubber, glass, and HDPE plastic. . 

    How to Use Lucidum™ Facial Serum

    Morning & Nightly Skincare Ritual

      Be sure to address your T-zone (above the eyes, and bridge of nose) if you are prone to flaky skin. 

      How soon will an all-natural facial oil work?

      Lucidum™ is not an over-night cure. If you are using synthetic facial care products, it may take upwards of a month for your skin to regulate its natural processes. If you are already using all-natural products, you should see results within a week or two. 

      Can I use a facial serum if my skin is oily?

      This facial serum, or facial oil, can be used if your skin is prone to oiliness. You will need to wash your face before applying the serum. Washing your face helps to remove excess oils and dirt, while the serum will replenish lost oils and naturally absorb into your skin. 

      What other things can I do to have radiant skin?

      Keep hydrated and eat healthy foods! Drinking water will help your regulate a number of normal processes your body goes through on a daily basis. Your skin is mostly made of water, so keep it stocked!