Nautilus Sea Witch

Sea Witch Botanicals is a small family business in Bellingham, Washington.  We started this company to make a positive impact on the health of people and the environment through education, outreach, and offering high-quality all-natural alternatives to home and body products that are typically lousy with synthetic fragrances, methylparabens, and other nasties.

We seek to offer natural and ethical alternatives to the home and body products on the market today. We source fair trade ingredients where necessary and opt for non-GMO and organic ingredients as needed. Our products are crafted using purchased green energy; wind, solar, and other sustainable energy alternatives. We even took it upon ourselves to install solar panels on our home! We continue to give to charities, clean up our parks, and fight the good fight.

Your advocacy directly impacts our lives and the communities we support. Feel free to reach out with any questions and come visit us in person at the shows we attend.

Nature Misses You.

Alesia - Master Crafter

Alesia, Master Crafter and Founder of Sea Witch Botanicals

Alesia is a certified aromatherapist who started her career in massage therapy. It is her goal to help protect the lands and waters she loves by bringing awareness to environmental toxins and getting people to enjoy nature more.

Jhustin - Head of Voice

Jhustin, Sea Witch

Co-Owner. Domains include label design, branding, website development, web marketing, IT coordination, and printer-punting. Jhustin is an advocate for green practices in business and personal life.

Cat - Cultural Attache

Cat, Sea Witch Botanicals

Mom and general getting-things-doner, Cat is passionate about providing world-class customer service and empowering people to make good choices in sustainability.

Julie - Sustainable Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Julie, Sea Witch

Julie is dedicated to sustainability in business. She helps us grow ethically by managing stakeholder relationships and upholding our company values with our marketing efforts.

Eloise - Outreach Specialist

Eloise, Sea Witch

Eloise is a talented artist who helps with outreach at Sea Witch Botanicals. Her passions include helping women stay safe and healthy by working with a number of like-minded nonprofits.

Austin - Lab Acolyte


Austin studies psychology and acts as the right-hand woman to Alesia.

Marian - Lab Mom

Sea Witch

Mother and morale booster, Marian ensures that the team is healthy and organized!

Ripley - Little Witch

Sea Witches

The picture of love and the daughter of Alesia and Jhustin, Ripley is the next generation of environmental stewards.