All-Natural Incense Reviews

Read real customer reviews of all-natural incense. We put a lot of thought, love, and good vibes into our products, and we pride ourselves on producing the best all-natural incense on the market. It's nice to know that our customers feel the same! 

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  • The Best Incense I’ve Found: “Sea Witch Botanicals makes the absolute best incense! Their combination of scents are always pleasing. I especially love that they use all natural ingredients. I've tried over 3/4ths of the entire collection.” —Rena M., Quoth the Raven Incense

  • My Favorite Incense Artists: “Every scent blend is beautiful and I like to choose them based on how I'm feeling that day. The gorgeous packaging is a nice bonus. I love this incense and I love supporting such an ethical company.” —Valerie H., Incense Gift Set

  • Ostara incense: “My house smells like "home", a place I've longed for my entire life. ... I'll be a customer for life!” —Becky H., Ostara Incense

  • My favorite incense ever: “Shipping is always fast and safely arrives, packaging is very recycling friendly, and I literally make sure to keep an over stock of this scent in my home because I refuse to run out.” —Rachael J., Herbal Renewal Incense

  • The best money I’ve ever spent: “I can't go back to my other incense because the difference is just that noticeable! … 10/10 WILL buy again!! Seriously I love these products they are wonderful :purple_heart: :purple_heart: “ —Elizabeth C., Quoth the Raven Gift Set

  • My favorite winter treat! “I couldn't imagine finding a more satisfying blend of cozy winter scents anywhere else. :)” —Lori R., Krampus Incense

  • My favorite incense discovery: “Sea Witch is the earth goddess of incense :slight_smile:” —Carri B., Hummingbird Incense

  • Favorite incense of ALL TIME: “The scent is literally transcendent.” —Elizabeth S., Herbal Renewal Incense

  • White Lodge Incense: “The White Lodge incense is probably my favorite incense of all time. I love to burn it at night and it is the perfect incense to go with my candlelight meditation. ... Just a really well made product.” —Andrew B., White Lodge Incense