All-Natural goods handmade in the Pacific Northwest.

A Company with Purpose

The Folks at Sea Witch Botanicals

Sea Witch Botanicals is a family business owned by three people; Alesia; her husband, Jhustin; and her mom-in-law, Catia. We created this company to give alternatives to insidious synthetic fragrances and damaging detergents. What goes on your skin, gets into your body, and goes into our waterways. We want to keep these awful hormone disruptors out of our lives in every aspect, so we invite you to try our soaps, lotions, incense, tonics, tinctures, salves, and balms.

We seek to offer natural and ethical alternatives to the home and body products on the market today. We source fair trade ingredients where necessary and opt for non-GMO and organic ingredients as needed. Our products are crafted using purchased green energy; wind, solar, and other sustainable energy alternatives. We even took it upon ourselves to install solar panels on our home!

 Feel free to reach out with any questions and come visit us in person at the shows we attend.

Nature Misses You.

 Alesia-Master Crafter Jhustin-Design Guy Cat-Cultural Attache
Alesia - Master Crafter
Having a number of severe allergies to gluten, synthetic fragrances, and other nasty stuff you find in cosmetics, she resorted to making her own personal batches. A strong believer in environmental justice, it wasn't long before she started using her abilities for good. Alesia creates the recipes and manufactures EVERYTHING that goes in a bottle, bag, box, or band. She's the Master of Lotions at this school of witchcraft and wizardry!
Jhustin - Visionary Architect
Born under the sign of Cancer, he's naturally drawn to the ebb and flow of water and life. Despite his passionate hobbies in horticulture, it was actually Alesia who showed him the everyday damage of terrible chemical compounds and converted him to an all-natural way of living. Jhustin designs everything outside of bottles, bags, boxes, and bands, but he is mostly the IT guy.
Catia - Cultural Attaché
She was counter-culture before it was cool. A true "follow your heart" type of person who has helped a number of people find their passions. A mom-first, she couldn't be more thrilled to work with her favorite (and only) son, and her favorite daughter-in-law. Catia manages the relationships with our favorite partners, helping build their success with SWB as we try and change the world for the better. Cat's an awesome baker; no joke!



We are lucky enough to be situated in the Sunnyland neighborhood of Bellingham, Washington.