Cruelty-Free Lip Tints & Balms

Our vegan lip balms and lip tints are made with fair trade, organic butters, essential oils, and only plant-based ingredients. They come in plastic-free, reusable tins to ease your conscience. Plant-based and plastic-free, you can feel great and look fabulous!

Made with Fair Trade, Organic Butters

Our lip balms and lip & cheek tints are made with organic, fair trade shea or cocoa butter. Fair trade is important for these ingredients, as they are typically harvested by people who are treated unfairly, underpaid, and must take advantage of their precious environment in order to mass produce cheap butters. By supporting fair trade, you are paying more for better environmental practices, better wages, and access to education for the wonderful people who bring us these natural treasures. 

Completely Vegan Certified, Cruelty-Free & Plant-Based

You don't have to be vegan to enjoy these silky-smooth balms and tints, but you can't beat us in terms of quality for pure-vegan products! Vegan products are inherently cruelty-free, as it states that no animals, parts, or byproducts are used in their production. Not only are our lip balms and tints certified by, they are actually 100% naturally derived! Often, vegan products will source petroleum derivatives (plastic) as cheap filler. Some of these plastics are bioaccumulators, not only building up in your body and the environment, but passed down through an average of four generations through reproductive cells (eggs and sperm). By choosing all-natural products, you are lessening the impact of synthetic carcinogens on your great-great grandchildren!

Featuring Reusable Packaging

You may be like us and find that the biggest issue with buying cosmetics is filling the oceans and environment with plastic waste. We are dedicating ourselves to reduce our plastic usage, so we started offering our lip balms and tints in reusable tins, rather than plastic tubes. This results in an easy-to-open container which is sleek and fits into pockets, purses, and backpacks with ease! Let our sustainable packaging choices help make choosing the right cosmetics easier.

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