Altar Cloths

Our altar cloths are made with 100% organic cotton and hand-screened by the artist. 

What is an altar cloth?

A linen cloth set upon a sacred surface with the intention of making a place of spiritual focus. This fabric serves as both a decoration to instill awe and inspiration, as well as protecting sacred vessels and surfaces. Altar linens are used in ancient and modern religions, from practices of Paganism, to Wicca, to Judaism, and Christianity. 

Ritual cloths of all textiles have been used throughout the centuries. There are specific rules per practice. For instance, the Catholic church would use cloth of silk, gold, or silver, though in modern times only linen and hemp are considered acceptable. We primarily carry black cotton altar cloths. In Wicca, the color black is meant to align with wisdom and protection from negative energies and bad habits. Honestly though, black being our favorite color may have something to do with the decision. 

How do I use an altar cloth?

First off, choose a pattern or design that speaks to you and what you hope to accomplish. You may choose a moon pattern to seek commune with the Goddess, or Ouroboros to contemplate the cyclical nature of life and perhaps break free of bad habits or embrace history. Think deeply on your intentions and place them into the cloth. 

Now is a good time to tidy up your altar. Place the cloth on its surface so that bottles, trinkets, or incense ash does not scathe the material. As you focus on your altar, allow yourself to get lost in the details of the cloth and imbue it with further intent. 

Can I use an altar cloth for other things?

While it is typical of altar cloths to be used specifically to cover a ritual space, we also carry a few that can be used as a bandana or hair accessory. We like to think the body is a temple, so why not use them to bring intention to your daily activities? Consider which symbols you want to invoke throughout the day and brandish them with pride. 


Stash Pouches

These reusable cloth pouches are great for bringing along whatever sacred instruments you wish to protect. They are 100% cotton and hand-screened by the artist.


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