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Which Incense for What Purpose?

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Did you know that aromas can affect cognition, mood, stress level and productivity? It's well documented in peer reviewed studies now, but humans have known this for a long time. We have been using aromatics from natural elements for mental, spiritual and physical healing since the beginning of recorded history. And when you burn incense that's scented with essential oils and zero synthetics, that's what you're doing!

Fortunately, we can take advantage of all those centuries of knowledge to inform our own intentional use of these plants. So which incense should you burn when?



Balance & Clarity

Herbal Renewal

Herbal Renewal incense burning in a clay incense holder, next to a package of Herbal Renewal incense.

With soothing lavender and mind-sharpening rosemary, the Herbal Renewal collection enhances scholarly, professional, and goal-oriented manifestations, as well as intentions for harmony and emotional regulation.

Lavender has been shown to improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. Rosemary is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and shows important clinical effects on mood, learning, memory, pain, and anxiety.




Energy & Emotional Cleansing

White Lodge

 incense burning in a clay incense holder, next to a package of White Lodge incense.

With the emotional healing powers and clarifying energetic properties of all natural pine and cedar, the White Lodge collection enhances intentions and protections around shadow work, therapy, quitting bad habits, and physical and emotional decluttering.

Pine and Cedar have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. They have been used to clean and clarify, to improve sleep, and to reduce pain, stress and anxiety.




Spiritual Expansion

Green Fairy

 incense burning in a clay incense holder, next to a package of Green Fairy incense.

With the protective and psychic-boosting properties of Star Anise, the Green Fairy collection bolsters intentions of the spiritual variety. Deploy the Green Fairy if you are manifesting growth in a divination practice, developing a prophetic ability, or in any way engaging with other realms.

Star anise with its 8 pointed form corresponds directly with energies of the microcosm and macrocosm, stability and expansion, and connection to divine information. This immune-booster offers both physical and metaphysical protection!




Intimacy & Sanctuary


 incense burning in a clay incense holder, next to a package of Hermitage incense.

With sunny, uplifting citrus, relaxing lavender, and sultry patchouli, the Hermitage collection enhances manifestations of love, peace, harmony, security and intimacy.

Citrus is a natural anti-inflammatory mood-lifter, often used to soothe anxiety, depression, pain and nausea. Lavender alleviates stress. Patchouli cleanses physically and emotionally, and has long been used to treat anxiety and depression.




Passion & Action

Quoth the Raven

 incense burning in a clay incense holder, next to a package of Quoth the Raven incense.

With spicy cinnamon for confidence and drive, spiritual clove for energetic protection, and juicy orange for sunny optimism, the Quoth the Raven collection enhances intentions concerning physical strength, project follow-through, and breaking out of unhealthy patterns.

Orange is clarifying and uplifting. Anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-viral, cancer-fighting, blood-sugar leveling, and heart-healthy, cinnamon is an immune-boosting powerhouse. Clove boasts a few of these properties as well, and both are spiritually potent protectors and luck-bringers. 

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