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What is Vasheen Soap and How Do I Use it?

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Conventional feminine hygiene products lining drug store shelves are unfortunately loaded with all kinds of nasties. These goods are marketed as being helpful and effective at curing disturbances such as yeast infections, smelly crotches, and bacterial vaginosis. 

The disconcerting truth is that they’re often made with ingredients that can actually do us a lot more harm than good.



Editor's Note: We created Vasheen as an alternative to the nasty stuff in the "feminine hygiene" aisle, and we use terminology that helps make Vasheen searchable and accessible. However, we acknowledge that not all women are "feminine", that not all women have vaginas, and that not all people who have vaginas are women. Vasheen was formulated to be gentle to the delicate ecosystem of the vulva area, but it can be used by anyone, all over the body.

I went the first 23 years of my life struggling with yeast infections, urinary tract infections, inflammation, itchiness, burning, and soreness. At that point in my life, the only safe and discreet resource I had was the "feminine hygiene” aisle of the supermarket. 

That’s where I found my first vaginal wash (Ouch! Let's call it "Summer Night"). The fragrance oil and synthetic foaming agents sent my already inflamed anatomy into further anguish. It was the kind of discomfort you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. 

These experiences, put together with my subsequent education on cosmetic ingredients, inspired us here at Sea Witch Botanicals to create a better product - something that worked in harmony with our bodies rather than raging war on them.


What is Vasheen and why should I use it?

I designed our Vasheen soap bar as an alternative to conventional “feminine wash”. The vagina itself is self-cleaning, but vulvas can benefit from cleansing. As this area is sensitive to harsh ingredients and anything that can upset the delicate balance of flora, it’s important to use a product that takes this fragile environment into account.


We created Vasheen specifically to cleanse and moisturize the vulva without the use of any fragrance oils, plastics, or other noxious ingredients. Vasheen is a gentle, plant-based soap formulated to effectively clean the area without disrupting this acidic ecosystem or destroying the beneficial bacteria that help prevent infection. 


How to use Vasheen

Lather a soft cloth, sponge, or simply your hands with warm water and the soap bar. Scrub gently and rinse as many times as needed. Keep in mind that this bar is intended for external use only. 


Who can use Vasheen? 

Anyone! Yes, Vasheen was formulated to work with the pH of an anatomical vagina, with the hope of de-stigmatizing a basic hygiene need. However, this does not mean that others can't enjoy the benefits of a gentle, fragrance free, plant based, pH balanced personal care soap.


Why is there a vagina on it then?

First off -- it’s a vulva, not a vagina.


Yes, having a vulva on this soap can be seen as polarizing, but that is not the intention. This soap is for everyone (LQBTQIA+). The vaginal art on the soap is an act of empowerment from the master crafter. 


As a survivor of sexual abuse, I felt so much confusion as a child and young adult. The imagery of a vagina was shameful to me, as it can be to many that have had similar experiences. Creating this product was an act of self love and therapy, with the purpose of seeing my vagina as happy and healthy, beautiful, and above all MINE. 


Many of us feel shame about our anatomy, especially when it can be linked to trauma. It is my hope and goal to encourage others to care for their bodies and share this success with their friends - thus ending the cycle of silence when it comes to our intimate areas, however we identify in our reproductive anatomy. 


Why we donate $1 of every sale to Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a worldwide nonprofit dedicated to providing citizens with the healthcare they need. They’re committed to servicing all individuals regardless of financial abilities, gender identities or sexual orientations.

Abortions are not the only service Planned Parenthood offers. They also perform STI treatments, pelvic exams, birth control-related procedures, cancer screenings, and more. In addition, they’re the largest provider of sexual education services in the country. Their resources include professional trainings, workshops, LGBTQ advocacy networks, free online video courses, and pamphlets.

Specializing in care for womxn and LGBTQ populations makes Planned Parenthood very unique as a healthcare organization. Thanks to Planned Parenthood, millions of Americans can access basic healthcare and education services that might not be otherwise available through for-profit systems.

To find a clinic near you, visit Planned Parenthood’s website at:


To volunteer, donate or get involved, visit:


“Planned Parenthood was founded on the revolutionary idea that women should have the

information and care they need to live strong, healthy lives and fulfill their dreams — no ceilings,

no limits.”





We are so proud to donate to Planned Parenthood with every bar sold. This partnership ensures that Planned Parenthood can continue their good work in sex education and care. 


Our goal at Sea Witch Botanicals is to provide products that are safe for you and the environment, and this includes all parts of the body. We’re not just a soap company, we are a group of humans who care about how you feel, and that starts every morning in the shower :)


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Cecily Schwimmer
Cecily Schwimmer

Omg I love you guys… just bought your Incense and then stumbled upon this. I’m a long time planned parenthood clinician. I’m going to but a FEW things here and give nice holiday presents (Jewish, so channukah )

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