1% For the Planet with Misty trees

We are a 1% for the Planet Member!

Did you know that each year only 3% of philanthropy in the US goes to environmental causes?

We are all well aware that our planet so desperately needs more support to preserve our finite resources, protect at-risk species, and clean-up our lands and oceans.

Our drive to give back to organizations that protect our health and environment is one of the strongest threads of our company's DNA. Throughout the years, your purchases have reached non-profits such as Earthjustice, Mission Blue, Conservation Northwest, and the Environmental Working Group; they not only align with our values, but also stand out to us as some of the most influential non-profits at work right now.

We are proud to do our part as a business using our force for good by becoming a 1% for the Planet member. This global network of individual and business members are spreading awareness of the environment's need for support in order to sustain our planet for generations to come. Our annual donations to environmental non-profits will be approved and audited by the third party, 1% for the Planet, to ensure that at least one percent of our annual sales are benefiting the environment directly. What this means for you is that at least 1% of your purchase will always be supporting accredited environmental non-profits. It’s a serious win-win!

We would love to hear which environmental non-profits speak to you! Please send us an email to julie@seawitchbotanicals.com

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