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Top 15 Ways to Use Scented Mists

Handcrafted with a unique blend of witch hazel, essential oils, plant extracts, natural alcohol, and water, our signature scented veil spray perfumes are botanically infused hydrosols with a wide variety of uses. Each spritz contains a plethora of plant magic benefits! Whether they find a place in your home as an aromatic room freshener, soothing bath ingredient, cleansing ritual staple, or natural bug-be-gone, these multifunctional scented sprays are a lovely way to elevate your home and body care and bring a little more nature into your world. To get you started, here’s the rundown on our top fifteen ways to use a scented veil.

Freshen Your Space

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Room Spray

Use our scented mists to set or reset the mood in your home. For a calming, grounded, and uplifting vibe, use our Hermitage Scented Veil or Herbal Renewal Scented Veil. For clarity and tranquility, try the White Lodge mist.

Car Spray

Ditch the toxic car fresheners! You don’t need synthetic fragrances to keep your vehicle smelling nice—try an all-natural hydrosol instead. We recommend the White Lodge or Herbal Renewal sprays for keeping things fresh, and Quoth the Raven for a moody, empowering atmosphere.

Household Cleaning

After cleaning your home or carpet with a solution of vinegar and essential oils—or rather, with a bar of Canary Clean soap dissolved into water!—use a room spray like our Green Fairy or Herbal Renewal to freshen your space with a clean, pleasurable aroma.

Perfume or Deodorizer

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Body Spray or Perfume

Unlike most spray perfumes on the market, our scented veils are free from health-disrupting fragrance chemicals. Find your favorite combination of pure essential oils to wear instead, whether it’s the gentle, earthy scent of Hermitage (patchouli, lavender, and citrus); the mystical aroma of the Green Fairy (star anise); or the spicy, juicy scent of Quoth the Raven (orange, cinnamon, and clove).

Linen or Clothing Spray

Use an all-natural scented mist to infuse your fabric materials with a bit of plant magic. We love to spray Herbal Renewal over our pillowcases or linens for a dreamy, refreshing sleep; or Quoth the Raven in our sweaters to leave them feeling all the warmer.


It’s no secret—every bathroom is bound to have a certain scent from time to time, but don’t try to cover it with toxic fragrance chemicals! Instead of a brand like Poo-Pourri, try spritzing your favorite scented veil instead for a gentle yet effective remedy.

Shoe Deodorizer

Ever taken off your shoes only to horrify your nose by the stench that follows? We have, too! Luckily, you can use a scented veil as an all-natural shoe spray to refresh your well-worn sneakers or boots. Try the naturally cleansing essential oil blends of Quoth the Raven or the White Lodge to absorb the stink.


Closeup of someone spraying a Green Fairy scented mist.


It can be extremely helpful to use the properties of plants to cleanse your body and space when energy gets dense, heavy, or stagnant. Instead of using endangered white sage (sacred in Indigenous cultures), try using the magic of a plant-based scented mist. We recommend the following blends for your cleansing rituals, given their naturally cleansing ingredients: the White Lodge (contains pines), Herbal Renewal (contains rosemary), or Quoth the Raven (contains orange).

Daily Intentions

Set an intention for the day ahead and spray your magically-aligned scented veil to carry it forward with you. Try the White Lodge scented mist for a clear head or sense of groundedness; Herbal Renewal spray for joy, upliftment, or memory; or a spritz of Quoth the Raven for personal power.


Enhance your bath experience with the natural botanicals of a scented veil! Simply pour a capful of your favored blend into the water for a relaxingly aromatic soak. We especially enjoy Herbal Renewal’s lavender and rosemary blend, or one of our exclusively seasonal varieties, like Krampus or Ostara.

Yoga Mat Mist

Set the mood for your yoga practice or give your yoga mat a needed cleanse with the spritz of your favorite scented spray. Try misting Hermitage for a grounding experience of inner peace, Green Fairy for spiritual openness, or Herbal Renewal for an uplifting, cleansing session.

Hair Mist

Fresh out of the shower, keep yourself smelling clean and sweet with the gentle spray or two of an all-natural scented veil over wet hair. Alternatively, give your hair a botanical mist by spraying the hydrosol directly after dry shampoo.

Practical Magic

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Did you know? Some essential oils function as natural insect repellents! Spray Quoth the Raven to keep away orange-detesting spiders, or experiment with the White Lodge, whose cedarwood can be used as a natural pest control.

Door Frame Spray

Protect your entryways from spiders, pests, or unwanted energies by spraying a scented veil over your door frames. In addition to their function as a Bug-Be-Gone, Quoth the Raven and the White Lodge carry magically protective properties (cinnamon, clove, and pines), along with Herbal Renewal (contains rosemary)!

Laundry Addition

Rather than sweetening your laundry with synthetic fragrance chemicals, experiment with the solution of a scented laundry spray. Try pouring a capful of your favorite veil in with your detergent, or giving your dryer balls a hearty spritz before tossing them in—simply be mindful not to use a veil that contains orange essential oil (like Hermitage or Quoth the Raven) in a heated dryer cycle, as this oil is highly flammable!

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Did we miss anything? Leave us a comment to share your favorite ways to use a scented veil—the possibilities are endless!

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