Litha incense & spray laying in grass with dandelions, seashells, and blue glass ball wrapped in rope

The Magic & Medicine of the Litha Collection

Summer unfolds around us, Sea Witches, and the splendors of its solstice luster on the horizon now.

Litha, or Midsummer, is a celebration of the summer solstice: the longest day of sun in the year. As the crops grow ripe with light, the burgeoned blossom of the Earth is well under way, abundant with tantalizing riches and basking in the heat of creation at its peak. Babes born in spring are finding their legs to grow strong and explore the world on their own, making summer a season of play, a season of growth, of learning, and running wild to the beat of our drum. By the joyful light of the sun, Litha welcomes you plain and gangly to a refreshing world where you may create and recreate yourself anew.

A vivid season of celebration before the time of harvest in the fall, Litha marks the summit of summer. Here at Sea Witch Botanicals, we’ve crafted a midsummer scent that crackles on the rapturous embers of the solstice, inviting you into the bonfire dance the season bodes.

Our Litha scent (available as Incense or Scented Veil) blends six plants to capture the nostalgic heat of midsummer magic, including Pink Grapefruit, Frankincense, Cinnamon Leaf, Nutmeg, Cedarwood Atlas, and the smoky star of the show, Vetiver.

Why these plants? How do they suit the summer season? Let us explore the palette of Litha and travel through the medicine and magic of the plants.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is not intended to substitute for medical advice of any kind. If you have concerns for your health, please see a doctor, medical professional, or certified herbalist for assistance.

Pink Grapefruit

Grapefruit harvest, many grapefruits, one grapefruit cut open

Zingy, succulent, and bright, Pink Grapefruit sets the stage with a flavor for life. This citrus bedecks our Litha palette with its loving zest, inspiring the senses and awakening a childlike summer joy.

With an uplifting personality, Grapefruit has been used medicinally as a mood balancer. It is associated with lowered blood pressure as well as treating stress and anxiety. In addition to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, Grapefruit can help to fortify the immune system with its high Vitamin C content. Even showing positive impacts on heart health, this juicy fruit vitalizes body and mind alike.

As such, Grapefruit has potent magical uses in cleansing and purification. It can have luscious effects in workings for confidence and self-love, ultimately enriching the heart of its beholder with vibrant life.


Frankincense burning on a hot coal.

Bearing a grounding, tea-like scent, Frankincense soaks our Litha blend with dew. Thick as sap and bright as lemon juice, this resin smells sweet as rain-drenched wood warmed by morning sun.

Frankincense is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and has been used for clearing respiratory passages, improving gut health, and for oral hygiene. Evoking peacefulness and presence, it can be burned to enhance meditation practices as well.

Generations old, Frankincense carries ancient wisdom on its breath. It has spiritual purposes in purifying, cleansing, and protecting, and opens glittering gateways for ancestral communion.

Cinnamon Leaf

Ceylon cinnamon tree with red leaves growing

A sprite made of fire and spice, Cinnamon Leaf ignites our Litha palette with the lick of flames at her feet. Woody, sweet, and frothing with magic, she sprinkles the heat of summer’s sun into this enticing blend.

Cinnamon has a variety of medicinal uses, from improving moods to growing hair and cleaning teeth. Reputable studies have shown that this powerful plant has antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and antidiabetic qualities too!

Magically speaking, Cinnamon is here to bring the heat. Use in workings for passion, sexuality, and romance, but be mindful of its potent, fiery personality! Cinnamon can also be used to support prosperity, protection, and psychic powers. Empowering, sensual, and creative, Cinnamon will see you through to your success.


Pile of nutmegs on a wooden brown background. Close-up, studio shot.

Soft and warm, earthy and spiced, Nutmeg bears a nostalgically sweet and pleasingly nutty flavor. This plant mulls the fires of Cinnamon and gives an oaky aftertaste to our Litha blend.

Medicinally, Nutmeg can be used for pain relief, particularly given its anti-inflammatory quality. It shows positive effects on brain health, potentially protecting against neurodegeneration. Nutmeg also has uses in treating insomnia and indigestion, and may play a role in strengthening heart health.

A particularly handy spell ingredient, Nutmeg can be used in workings for health, luck, travel, prosperity, and love. It has associations with psychic powers as well, and can be useful in warding or banishing magic.

Cedarwood Atlas

closeup of the trunk of a cedar tree

Photo by Yann Allegre on Unsplash.

Come and meet us in the cradle of a giant cedar tree. Forest-fresh, Cedarwood Atlas extends a portal to its woody, arboreal haven and grounds our Litha blend in a wash of clarity and peace.

Cedarwood has natural soothing and sedative properties, making it a welcomed treatment for anxiety and improved sleep. As an antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal, Cedarwood can also be used for acne or dry skin on the scalp – it may even stimulate hair growth. It is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and diuretic (capable of treating high blood pressure), and can also be used as a natural insecticide!

Cedarwood is a talisman of relaxation. Use in magical workings for grounding and protection; focus; intuition and clear vision; peacefulness; and cleansing. Root your heart into the earth and watch as Cedarwood sustains your growth.


Vetiver grass cover (an area of ground) with grass.

Woody, dry, and warm, Vetiver crackles chameleon-like in the flames of our summer blend. Evoking meadow grasses and chocolate melted into soil, Vetiver is the smolder that gives Litha its signature smoky scent.

Vetiver specializes in stimulating focus. Stabilizing the nervous system, it is used to combat fatigue and provide mental clarity and alertness, and can even have beneficial effects in treating ADHD symptoms. Cicatrizing (helping wounds to form scars), anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant-rich, Vetiver has a cooling sensation that can treat skin conditions like sunburns, acne, and other irritations.

Calming and wise, Vetiver promotes stillness, and is of service to grounding and meditation, as well as connecting with intuition and inner wisdom. Use in workings for warding, peace, and heart-driven prosperity.

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