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Stockist Spotlight: Hang the Moon in Mystic, CT

You know that shop in your town that you can always count on to have perfect gifts from ethical makers and artisans? That shop where you also always end up finding something you need for yourself? We can only imagine that this week's Stockist Spotlight, Hang the Moon is exactly that shop for the community of Mystic, CT. We're honored to have our products carried amongst other conscientious offerings in this beautiful shop. Enjoy our interview with shop owner, Stephanie Marshall; it sure filled our cup!

Note: All photos courtesy of Hang the Moon.

hang the moon

Q: What is the name of your business and where are you located?

A: Hang The Moon in Historic Downtown Mystic, CT

Q: How do you signify ownership?

A: Women-owned

hang the moon

Q: What kind of shop do you have? What kinds of goods do you carry?

A: I have a woman-owned gift shop that focuses on fun and functional woman made, woman-owned, eco-friendly and socially responsible gifts, books, accessories and clothing.

Q: Describe your shop in three words.

A: fun diverse gifts

hang the moon

Q: What inspired you to open your store? Feel free to share a how you got started story here if you please!

A: I've been selling eco-friendly and sustainable clothing in Mystic for going on 18 years now. I've wanted to venture out a little bit over the last few years, and open up a gift shop that offered products that were functional, and helped to elevate everyone along the chain needed to create those items. Timing is everything, and in the summer of 2019, the stars aligned and I were given the opportunity to try it out. I started to source some GREAT products created by amazing women and we opened our doors that September.


Q: What aspects of being a shop owner are your favorite?

A: THE PEOPLE!!! I enjoy it when customers come in and have the same reaction to our products that I have, and then we strike up a conversation. It's confirmation that strangers can really be friends that you just hadn't met yet. I'd be lying if I said that shopping for the store wasn't amazing in every way. I get to meet some amazing artists and craftspeople, learn about their craft and technique, and when I'm lucky, I make a new friend. Collaborative work with our vendors is so fulfilling and working with such talented women is a gift that I will never take for granted.

hang the moon

Q: Are there words you live by or wisdom you'd like to share?

A: Take chances. Breathe deeply. Be good to the Earth, those you love and yourself. Love, Love, Love!!

Q: How do you practice self-care?

A: After almost 20 years, I have finally found myself fortunate enough to be able to take some time for effective self-care. It can range anywhere from going on a hike, playing guitar, or just listening to some music while dancing on my back deck under the stars.

Q: Besides shopping with you, are there any other ways folx can support you?

A: Just keep supporting small, independent and women owned businesses. When you keep things local and small, you are supporting your local community, which helps everyone.

hang the moon

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

A: Sea Witch Botanicals is one of my favorite product lines in the store. I love the facial toner and facial serum and incorporate them into my daily skincare routine. Sea Witch incense is also on my alter for just about every ritual, and is always burned in my house when I'm cleaning.

hang the moon

You can shop at Hang the Moon between 10am and 8pm everyday of the week, or online at https://hangthemoonmystic.com/
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