Stockist Spotlight: Flow Motion-Sea Witch Botanicals

Stockist Spotlight: Flow Motion

It's time to shine a light on another of our wonderful stockists! This week we've got the scoop from Alyssa Springs of Flow Motion, a woman-owned yoga and wellness center in Ferndale, Washington. They're located just a short drive North from us! 

Yoga at Flow Motion in Ferndale Washington

How would you describe your business?

Our boutique is part of our healing store and part yoga sanctuary. We carry a variety of items to help people recreate a bit of what's here when they're at home or at work. We carry crystals, candles, books, Himalayan salt products, jewelry, spa-to-go items, healthy snacks and non-healthy indulgent snacks :), soaps, essential oils, crystal water bottles, yoga props, and more.

What inspired you to open your business?

The store was created as a place to get away and either connect with other people or have some alone time surrounded by nature with plants, crystals, and earth elements. Our goal is to work on the parasympathetic nervous system, re-charge your batteries, and get you into a deeper brainwave pattern for restoration.

Flow Motion in Ferndale WA

Words you live by?

"Don't light yourself on fire to keep others warm."

How do you practice self-care?

I love the ritual of hot tea, reading, spending time in nature and with my cats. I surround myself with things that spark joy, so my at-home work space is filled with things that make me happy: plants, crystals, and my antique oil lamp collection.

Flow Motion in Ferndale WA

What aspects of being a shop owner are your favorites?

Helping people start new habits that become their lifestyle.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Almost everyone who comes to Flow Motion says, "I had no idea..."

Other than becoming a client or customer, how can folks support you?

By helping to spread the word that we are here! 

Flow Motion in Ferndale WA

You can follow Flow Motion on instagram and facebook, or go sign up for some self-healing right now on their website if you're local!

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