Stockist Spotlight: Brazen Shop & Studio-Sea Witch Botanicals

Stockist Spotlight: Brazen Shop & Studio

Can you think of a shop in your community where you can always count on finding the perfect gifts for friends or treats for yourself?  For us Sea Witches here in Bellingham, WA, we without a doubt think of Brazen Shop & Studio, tucked downtown in the Cornwall alleyway. This special shop is owned by two of the coolest bellinghampsters around, Karen & Allison, both who possess such unique artistic talents that you can find featured amongst other amazing local goods in their shop! Enjoy our interview with them about how they got their start and make sure to pop in when you find yourself in B'ham- you will not be disappointed!

Note: All photos courtesy of Brazen Shop & Studio.

Q: What is the name of your business and where are you located?

A: Brazen Shop + Studio located at 1319 Cornwall Ave. #104 in downtown Bellingham WA

brazen shop and studio

Q: How do you signify ownership?

A: Independent

Q: What kind of shop do you have? What kinds of goods do you carry?

A: We here at Brazen are so lucky to represent the work of many local makers and artists in our little alley spot. In addition to local offerings, we have a hand-picked selection of uniquely designed goods, handmade jewelry, homeware, and art made by cool small businesses around the PNW and US. You’ll also find a fun rotating selection of vintage finds as an homage to our love of 60s and 70’s vibes in our shop.

brazen shop and studio

Q: Describe your shop in three words.

A: Feels like home

Q: What inspired you to open your store? 

A: After doing popups and markets around Bellingham we realized how passionate we were for curating a shopping experience. So we decided to open our own brick and mortar to be a place for us and others.

brazen shop and studio

Q: What aspects of being a shop owner are your favorite?

A: Seawitch Botanicals ;) and our other locally made goods!

Q: Are there words you live by or wisdom you'd like to share?

A: Make sure your coffee isn't actually paint water.

Q: How do you practice self-care?

A: Towel lounging with our dogs and sending funny memes.

brazen shop and studio

Q: Besides shopping with you, are there any other ways folx can support you?

A: Like us on Instagram give us a follow, share our posts. Tell your friends and family about us.

brazen shop and studio

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

A: Always keep learning and don’t assume you know the best way to do anything. Pushing yourself to learn a skill or habit, even if the things seem insignificant, helps you understand weaknesses and strengths that you may carry into other areas of your life. To me, if you are learning, you are growing. Also, lean on those you can trust to give you the real talk when you need it and encourage you when you can’t muster it for yourself.

brazen shop and studio

Shop Brazen Shop & Studio around the clock online or stop by in person Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm. Find them on Facebook & Instagram, too! :)

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