Stockist Spotlight: Bohème Apothēca in Livingston, MT-Sea Witch Botanicals

Stockist Spotlight: Bohème Apothēca in Livingston, MT

Stepping into shops where each offering is uniquely handpicked is a true testament to the shop owner's passion for what they do. Shops like these give  communities so much life and creativity and can sometimes even help shape your perception of a place. To have our line of handcrafted home and body care on the shelves of these special shops reignites our purpose every time. This week we are excited to feature an interview with Amy McLeod, owner of Bohème Apothēca in Livingston, MT. Her shop hits every ounce of impact we just described and we hope you enjoy learning more about her story and shop!

Note: All photos courtesy of Bohème Apothēca.

Bohème Apothēca

Q: What is the name of your business and where are you located?

A: Bohème Apothēca at 113 W. Park St. Livingston, MT.

Q: How do you signify ownership?

A: Women-owned

Bohème Apothēca

Q: What kind of shop do you have? What kinds of goods do you carry?

A: I own an apothecary shop featuring local and indie artists & handpicked vintage clothing.

Q: Describe your shop in three words.

A: Magical Bohemian Apothecary

Bohème Apothēca

Q: What inspired you to open your store? Feel free to share a how you got started story here if you please!

A: From a small child I always wanted to open a quirky gift shop with lots of unique treasures. Two years ago I was given the opportunity to open our physical space Bohème Apothēca. I started my own webshop on etsy in 2010 originally selling vintage for my shop Beatific Vintage, then about 6 years ago we opened Hermetic Mountain, our witchy, alchemy/herb shop with handmade goods. Bohème Apothēca became the combination of those two shops. The name is an homage to my grandparents who were from Bohemia, and my ancestors who were also herbalists.

Bohème Apothēca

Q: Are there any goods you carry, in particular, that you want to point your customers towards this winter/holiday season?

A: Handmade candles and incense.

Q: Are there words you live by or wisdom you'd like to share?

A: Never give up your dreams. It's cliché, but it's incredibly true.

Bohème Apothēca

Q: How do you practice self-care?

A: I like to take lots of baths with my magnesium salt blend, while burning my favorite incense or candle, and listening to very chilled out ambient music. Yoga, meditation, eating properly and tons of water!!

Q: Besides shopping with you, are there any other ways folx can support you?

A: Posts and promotions are always appreciated.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

A: After years of coveting their products, It's a true honor to be a Sea Witch Botanical stockist!!

Bohème Apothēca

Shop at Bohème Apothēca 11am-5pm Monday-Saturday and online at:

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